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08.09.2005 03:25
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Hey Big Brother,

I miss you more than ever...and you know how nuts things are down here. You were right - this is hell. The sad thing is that there's nothing we can do to save anyone else.

I miss you. I'll see you soon.

as always your heart,

07.29.2005 23:12
Dr John Onufrak

Hard to believe such time has passed. I now live where we once journeyed so often, in the continental divide.
Young Jedi Max will soon undergo training, he must have the strength and the willpower to fight on.
Hasta Bro,
04.27.2005 01:06
Jedi Max

Jedi Master,

In honor of Max's Jedi Master Uncle Michael, Max is ready and willing. And he is honored. And ready to learn to confront, overtake, and reverse the evil in this world. Cancer is the big evil enemy.

Let us go forth.

(As told to mom to write, but the words are directly of Jedi Max. Jedi Warrior Max.) And he is not kidding. He means it. Uncle Michael, Jedi Master Uncle Michael. The legend continues.
04.25.2005 05:06
Dr. John Onufrak

Jedi Training to soon begin for those who yearn to learn within!
04.25.2005 00:35

Well Max's note just about did me in!

It's such a hard time of year...again, I'll do it without you here. Who would have ever dreamed I'd be at the jumping off place for 40 and without you having blazed a path for me to follow?

If I wasn't so sad I'd be really mad at you! You really should be here for this. No - I mean, you REALLY SHOULD BE HERE FOR THIS!

You deserve 40 way more than I. What's that all about?

What's funny, though...everybody says that the "older" I get...the more I look like you (Max, too). You were always the best looking of us...but our smiles are just about identical now, and I have your dimples!!! (Took 40 years...but by God - I've got them!)

I miss you, big brother, and this time of year is especially hard. You on May 8 and then me on the 15th. We've never not celebrated together, well, except since you died. Then Dad the next year. But then, at least we had a funeral to celebrate that weekend for our birthdays...and that was always fun.

I'm going to really, really miss you again. You should be here.

You really should be here. And I'll never forget.

Always your heart,

04.24.2005 23:57
Jedi Max

Max isn't feeling well this evening, and we have been talking about you. He wrote a note to Master Jedi Onufrak, and then asked me if he could send you a note on your website. The following is from your Max...

i wish you could be here you are allwas by my side and i am allwas by yours i miss you most of all you are a good man i love you most of all. love max.
04.19.2005 22:24
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Bro, Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of you. Watch over and touch your family with your presence, and comfort them during this time of struggle. So many have been touched, let them know you are happily with the Lord and that this should be a happy thing not sad. Although here on earth it's sad not having you around. Everyone misses you immensely. Help us help others. Hasta MDJedi!J.O.
04.19.2005 21:09
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Oh, Michael,My heart is shattered. Still. There just are no words.My God, help me through this. Always your heart,Dawn
04.13.2005 00:29
Mary Ann

Hey Mikey,
I haven't written in a long time. I have had you on my mind almost daily lately. It is coming up on the 4 year anniversary that you are gone from this physical earth and it would be your 43rd birthday soon. I just turned 44 much to my chagrin. It doesn't seem possible that I met you in Atlanta in 1990 when I was just 29! Good Grief! Time flies but we all still think about you all the time and you will never be forgotten! I can't believe you ever thought that you could be forgotten because almost all of us have indelible nick names given to us by you. I recently found a picture of Mark, Mindy, you and myself at their wedding almost 13 years ago in Connecticut. It seems like just yesterday. Miss you Mikey!
04.04.2005 21:11
Dawn, Max, and Ally

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Know how the waves just roll over and over and over...over the same sand on the same beaches and there's nothing we can do to stop them? Not that we would stop them, you know. Because we wouldn't. They're beautiful, and timeless, and we have dreams about them...and we want to escape to them, and they draw us to them...they are infinity. And they are always there...

I'm sorry, I said "waves." What I meant to say was "memories."

We always remember...this time of year is just especially gut-wrenching.

I love you big brother, and miss you beyond understanding.

I promised you that we'd never forget. We have not and will not. Remember you promised that you'd never leave me and the kids. So don't.

Always your heart,

Dawn, Max and Ally

03.14.2005 11:20
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Bro,
Had some good shows this weekend. Lot's of news in my life, but you know already. Soon to be where I want!
Sis and nephew all good. Watch over them my friend.
03.02.2005 02:32
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Hey Big Brother,

I hope you know that I check in often. I don't always write though, because very often, there just are no words.

I don't think about you a million times a day. I think about you just starts in the morning and lasts until I sleep. Every single day holds precious memories and is the anniversary of something special. Being able to look back and remember the things we did, and the time we had together is a gift from God. We really did make memories, didn't we? Remember the "three-hour tour?" I wonder if you ever told anyone how you saved our lives. And did we ever find out if "borrowing" a police car to escape the angry Rastas in Tortola is a "real" crime if you don't get caught?

Sometimes I can look back and smile, and laugh. I thank God to have you for my big brother . I lived adventures with you that most people can't even imagine.

I also look back and cry, and feel pain that most people can't imagine.

This time of year brings its own precious memories and special anniversaries.

As promised, Michael, I'll never forget you.

You are my heart,

Dawn, Max, and Ally

02.23.2005 23:06
Jane Oberwager Gaines

Tonight, as I watched a surfing documentary called "Riding Giants," my thoughts of you were so strong as to be undeniable. Your adventurous spirit, your strength of mind and body, and your need for thrill, personal challenge and flow were all represented in this film. Although I think of you often, Batman, tonight was exceptional. I miss you.
02.16.2005 11:53
Tami Netzband

Mike, your picture hangs in our den and our children know you as Dr Mike. You held a special place in my husband's life and although I never met you, we, our children and myself, feel like you are an old friend of the family. Your name comes to Paul's lips each time we visit Banff National Park and area, an hour from our home. Paul is lucky to see his Rocky Mountains everyday but he is climbing a new mountain now- a wife, 4 kids and owning his own business. Paul's passion for climbing (and yours) has been passed on to our children and they will take your spirit with them each time they climb and remember the special bond their Dad and you had.
02.15.2005 00:54
Paul Netzband

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I have just found this web site. It is now 2005.

I can only hope that you are now on a great mountaintop sitting in the sunshine, looking down and smiling. We spent many days and nights chasing summits and, in particularly spent many months training and eventually climbing Mount Fairweather in June of 1994 (the 13th team to summit by the Carpe Ridge).

I took many of the pictures that are found on your web site during a time in your life when the wind was brisk and the air cold. We smiled. I saw you through many climbing adventures happily in 1992-1994 and was greatful for every moment that I spent.

My thoughts go out to your family and friends, even at this late date.

Once we were tied together climbing for our lives.

Paul Netzband
02.08.2005 06:39
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Hey Big Brother,

It's been a while...not because I've forgotten, but maybe just because I can't forget. Seems wrong that life has gone on. It's not right, and it makes no sense...and I could really use your amazing advice and guidance. It's nuts down here, as I'm sure you know. Mike, everybody is wrong. Time doesn't heal the pain. I can deal with "pain"...this is more like a gut-wrenching-soul-wrenching-emotional torture I endure every waking moment. So many things, Michael. In life and in death, and so amazingly in-my-face recently, YOU'VE GOT MY BACK! I hear you in my heart when you guide me. I see you with Dad in my dreams, and I know you are with me. But Mike, it's just not the same as when you were here.

I miss you more than you'll ever know. You'll never be forgotten, and Mike, don't you ever leave me, Max, and Ally. We love you more than you'll ever know. And we need you.

Always your heart,

Dawn, Max, and Ally
12.28.2004 20:08
Dr. John Onufrak

I know you had the most perfect of celebrations of Christ's birthday. Must have been awesome! Prayers for your family during this difficult time.
12.04.2004 20:55
Dr John Onufrak

Thinking of you and your family this Holiday season.
11.03.2004 06:34
Dr. John Onufrak

Awaiting a final decision on our President!
10.01.2004 04:02
Marty Warbington

Hey Mike,

It's been a while, and Cory has been growing older, so I thought I'd bring you up to date.

He bought a house this week. That is such a grown up thing to do, but he's become a grown up.

You took him climbing when he was a teenager. The picture of you and him standing together is one of my favorites. You had him stand on a log just so he would look bigger and older. Well, now he looks that way, but you are gone. You enjoyed him then and you guys would have had such a good time together now. You will always be missed and loved.

09.27.2004 13:19
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Mike,
Just thinking about you. This was your favorite time of year!
09.05.2004 14:03
Dr. John Onufrak

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Hey Bro,
Labor Day Weekend. This would be a time for the daks either climbing, camping or shooting. The weather is absolutely perfect. Your memory shall never go unforgotten among the many. Continue to watch over and support those in need my friend.
Semper Fidelis!
John O
08.30.2004 00:02

My Beautiful Son,

I haven't placed a message here for awhile because I couldn't get the website up due to my technology handicap[real surprise,huh}.

Last night at the Emory CHI PHI house was so bittersweet. You really have some great brothers who have not forgotten you and told some great stories about all of the escapades of years gone by. Why weren't you there? Has God told you why? Surely He knew how much we needed you and would misss you, this doesn't make any sense to me. I know we have to accept and go on and we're trying. I know you and Dad and Papa and Uncle Kostie stay with us and truly are our angels, but it isn't the way we always thought it would be.

Well,as you know I lost your class ring(bonehead,bozo)and your fraternity brothers had a special one made(not an easy task) and presented to me at your twentieth reunion. Nana, Dawn and I were there with the most caring, compassionate and accomplished (I might add) of your brothers.

It was a moment in time that will live forever in our hearts. I know you're watching over David and Malcolm (they still give him a hard time), Ray and Edwina, Jeff and Tom, Paul, Scot, and all of them.

I intend to get all of the names right and let each and every one of them know just how much we appreciated their kindness and compassion. They all have such busy lives and I know David spearheaded the effort for your/my ring and no doubt was time consuming, you sure knew what you were doing when you selected your friends. They are the best.

Thanks for all your help with the new company, I can't believe I'm doing it. Oh, a big thanks for sending Joe, no coincidence that he came into my life again and wanted to partner on this company,
never in a million years would I have dreamed this at this time of my life. God does indeed have a plan, after all.

You know my heart, my precious child.

08.10.2004 22:19
Marty Warbington

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you for allowing me to know you in your time on earth. A person hears stories about people who they admire and would like to know, but rarely does that happen in life.

So many people wrote about you without even meeting you. You touched their lives in a good way at the worse time of your life.

But, I was one of the lucky ones, as was Cory. We knew you for long enough to see how you handled yourself in all kinds of situations. Now when Cory has a decision to make, he makes it after thinking what your decision would be. What a good gift to leave. Thank you!

We miss you.

Love, Marty and Cory
08.10.2004 20:06
Dawn, Max, and Ally

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Hey Big Brother,

Just checking in, as usual. I'm sure you know all the changes going on in our and Dad probably had a little "sit down" with God.

It's been too long since I've seen your gorgeous face (and that amazing dimple), or heard your hypnotic, deep voice, or gotten one of your unbelievable bear hugs.

But I still see you in my dreams, and hear you in my heart, and I can feel your presence a million times a day.

I miss you more than anyone could ever have dreamed.

As always, you are my heart.


07.12.2004 19:25
Dawn, Max, and Ally

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Hey Big Brother,

Just checking in. You'd be so proud of your Max. He made the "all-star" baseball team, and will be playing baseball with kids a few years older than he is from now on! Get this...we watch the Olympic trials these days, and out of the prompting whatsoever...he's interested in...yep...the pole vault! Go figure! Ally has decided now, since realizing that she can't be an actual horse when she grows up, that she wants to be a horse rider! She'll be starting her lessons soon (or maybe later...) as soon as it cools off a little, anyway. The rest of us are getting thru. We miss you and Dad so much. Knowing you're up there, somehow, now gives me comfort. You're my angel now. Don't know how I'd do without believing that.

You will always be my heart,

06.20.2004 16:36
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Hey there Big Brother,

I just want everyone to know, as I know you do, that I think about you every day. And just as I promised you, my Michael, I will NEVER forget you.

You are, as you have always been...

My heart,

05.24.2004 22:23
Jane Oberwager Gaines

I sat at the Chi Phi house at Emory, said my prayers, looked at your smiling photo, remembered your voice and intensity and lit a candle for you right on the front steps. We were there together in spirit and it felt complete. It was your birthday, Batman, and the 20 year reunion and you are deeply missed.
Love, Jane
05.18.2004 23:37
Dawn, Max, and Ally


Last Saturday I became 39. It's really the only thing I've ever done that you didn't conquer and overcome and make easy for me. Mike, it would have been so easy for you. It was my worst nightmare without you. It was the first milestone in my life that you never cleared the path for me. Actually, if spirituality has any hand in this, you just re-directed my life.

I get it, Big Bro. Done. Happy now? Actually I am.

Happy 42nd Michael, from your baby sister. And Max and Ally, your other babies, and they BOTH will never forget you.

I love you Mike. On behalf of a bunch of people who love you but just cannot put it into words,

Your heart, as always,

05.14.2004 23:10
Marty & Cory


I've been missing your presence in my life. You were always doing things your way. That made for some interesting times. Once, at a party in the lab at Emory you promised to bring M&M's, which were a tradition not to be broken. But you forgot, so you went down to the vending machines and bought all the M&M bags of candy the machine held. I think every person there got there own bag.

There is a new student in the school who has a voice similar to yours. I hear it once in a while and for just a second I expect to see you turn the corner. It hurts that you're not there, but it also brings a memory of you and that is a great feeling.

Love you and miss you,

05.10.2004 19:41

Hey Big Brother,

I couldn't even log on here for your birthday. On April 27, I outlived my big brother. There is something very wrong with that. You should be here for all of this. Mike, you turned 42 last Saturday. Mothers Day is always the Sunday after your birthday, and my b'day is the next Saturday. We always met during that week to celebrate. I've missed that the last few years. Mike, OH MY GOSH...I'll be 39 on Saturday!!! You were always so much worthier of that than I. Trust me, Michael...nobody has forgotten. Nobody. I think it just has brought us all to a place of disbelief. You are just not here for any of us at all. Not physically. I know I hear you, and feel your presence, and see you in my kids, and I see you in your friends.

I'd give anything to hear your voice, or to have your big strong hug, or feel those huge, confident hands squeeze my shoulders

You are the real stuff, Mike. Happy Birthday, Big Brother.

I miss you so much. I need you, we all do.

You are the stuff we all wish we were made of.

I love you, dawn
04.20.2004 23:26
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Mike,
I can't believe it is 3 years. God has blessed us all here on Earth, and certainly has given heaven a true angel. I miss ya man.
04.20.2004 09:16
Brooke Major

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I would like to support everyone that had surrounded such a wonderful person, and let them know that his soul is watching over you through every step you will take in your lives. I wish everyone the courage that Mike had through his illness, and Mike is someone that will be missed by all. He is in G.od's hands.
03.31.2004 17:17
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Bud,
As you probably know, today's yearly checkup went very well...uneventful. Dr's are pleased with their Jedi having overcome the evil disease that afflicted us both. Hemlock still lives! Yessssss! Though gone from this world, you are not forgotten and your legacy shall still live on my friend. I will see to that for sure.
Keep guiding and driving those in need. It is imperative to those whom you've touched. Hasta ,
03.31.2004 16:23
Janis Johnson aka Pumpkin

Hey Mike,
I am not sure that I can do this...but I will try, you know what a sap I am. I think about you every day. Marti and I often pepper our converstions with "mikeisms" and there are a lot of them. You had such a sense of humor, I remember you would have me crying with your impersonations. I feel like I watched you grow up, from Emory (you gave me my last filling, I was numb for a week) to Boston University and everywhere in between (do we really want to remember Rochester). I miss you a lot. I sometimes come to this web site and read the wonderful things that people say about you. You touched our lives in so many ways. I have great memories of our times together. This is the first time I have had the strength to write something of my own. I just cannot believe you are gone and yet, in some ways it is like you are still here. I will carry you with me always. I love you.

Love Always Pumpkin
03.31.2004 01:22
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Hey big brother,

Had to send a letter in addition to the prayers, just to let you know we still miss you so. As I promised, I'll never forget, and every day of my life will never be the same without you. Max is frighteningly like you more and more every day. It is a real blessing that the same kid who swings light-sabres, and listens to Dr. John O. tell him about the responsibility of a Jedi, still loves his mommy, and only wonders where his Uncle Michael's real light sabre is! Oh, and can he have it when he becomes the Jedi Master?!? And Ally...well she prays to Uncle Michael, Jesus, and Papa all in the same breath. And she wants you to come home to us for Easter, just like Jesus came home to His Father. Wow. Hey Mike, I miss you more than you'll ever know. I thank you for sending me Dr. John to be my big brother here on earth. No one is you, Mike. But you did send me your blessing, and he is my big brother now, through you. And you couldn't have made a better choice. I love you.

your sis
03.16.2004 03:48
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Hey big brother,

I still will never forget. Your brother Dr. John O. has helped me a million times. He is really a brother, to both of us. Mike, I miss you every day. I would be so much a better person if you were here. And Max and Ally. They really need you, too. They will never forget you, either. Dr. John is great, he talked to Max tonight about being a Jedi. It's cool. Max "gets" that he is speaking for his Uncle Michael, too. You chose a great man to help us get through this. I still can't stand it without you and dad, but here I am. Oh big brother, if I could only wish you home...
03.15.2004 13:12
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Bud,
It's soon spring. I'm a year past my carpe diem now and am doing great. I am truly blessed. I along with so many miss your being around. Many a day goes by where there is some memory or situation that arises that reminds me of how we would handle things. Continue as a guardian angel for your family and friends bro, they need you.
03.10.2004 03:41
Dawn, Max and Ally

Uncle Michael, Our Ally turned five years old yesterday. Her birthday wish was that her Uncle Michael would come back.

God, Mike. What's going on here without you? What were you thinking when you left me in charge?

Forget you? Big brother. As I approach the age you were when God called you home, (and we are within a month and a half of that day) I can't believe I am just right there.

Know what? I just simply can't go on right now. It's way too close to me being older than my big brother. I will find find the strength to go on somehow. Soon. But this is just wrong. And it's just not fair.

Michael, I just miss you. I just miss my big brother.

I wish you would just come come.
02.16.2004 18:01
Dr. Gregg Russell


I would think the extraordinary tribute that your friends have set up here only confirms what many of us knew already. You really are an extraordinary individual.

I had the privilege of attending high school and college with Mike and really getting a great view from the cheap seats. Mike had a "code" and style that a youngster like myself (I'm being very generous) would look at with amazement and wonder. He just approached things in a unique manner that let you know he had a plan. I used to swear Mike was from Canada by his pronuncitation (am I spelling things correctly?) of certain words. Mike drove an El Camino (of course, it was black) and participated in track as a pole vaulter (how else would one soar above the earth in track). I will leave out some of the details of what happened after a serious accident when he broke his leg, but only Mike could have pulled off the recuperation and extracurriculars in the hospital that he did.

Later in life, I ran into Mike at a bar in Buckhead and had a moment to reflect on life and where each of us was. He actually remembered me which was a treat.

Hope this message finds your spirit well cared for and appreciated. Many of your better friends have weighed in and probably touch this site frequently to say, "hello". It's clear that you won't ever be forgotten.

It was a treat to know you and have stories to tell. Best wishes for your latest journey.

02.15.2004 00:36
Dawn, Max, and Ally

Every day, Michael, I am taken back to my life with you. You thought you'd be forgotten...never. Never. I miss you so. And I cry for you. My heart screams for my big brother. I miss you so. Everything is different now, and I know you and Dad have orchestrated it all. Be with me and guide me. Please talk to God, and make sure Max and Ally don't suffer hurt or loss. And if God has any left over, I'd like to not hurt so much all the time, either. I talk to you like you're here anyway. Oh, Mike, I miss you so much, No one will ever know
02.09.2004 15:07
Jane Oberwager Gaines

When considering going to Atlanta this coming May for my Emory 20 year reunion, I knew I wanted to see my old friend, Batman, Chi Phi guy, Mike Daniel. Finding out about his death only now is a daunting task that I can't seem to get my mind to comprehend yet. The fun, carefree memories from so long ago are all the more special knowing that he continued his zest and passion for life until his departure from this world. Mike's zany energy, intelligence and quick wit, his willingness to try most anything, his physique and his strength of mind impressed me - and that was 20 years ago. I remember that he accompanied me to my sorority semi-formal looking handsome and quite dashing. I still recall graduation day with him and his broken legs from track! What a man. I send my condolences from NY to his family. He was a gentleman and a unique human being who made an indelible impression on me.
01.27.2004 15:01
Jeffrey Rodman Linscott

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I am not sure that I knew Mike directly, but I had flown support for the Lane County Team through the late 90's to last year. The tribute herein is but a reminder that the greatest things of all are the things we create that we can't take with us. The lives we touch and the memories we make. When I read these pages the hair raised on my neck. It is an awesome fitting tribute to a great man. Jeffrey
01.16.2004 23:17
Marty Warbington

Hey Mike,
It's so cold here in Boston (-7) it reminds me of the ice storm we had in Rochester shortly after moving there. I didn't lose power, but you did for 5 days! I offered you a place to sleep, but you were going to tough it out. On the third day, when everything in your house was totally frozen,you gave in and asked me if my offer still held. You came over and asked if you could shower. I said yes of course, and you disappeared for an hour, trying to warm yourself after 3 days with no heat. I think that might have influnced you when you decided to take to climbing ice. Thought you'd want to know.
Cory sure misses the adventures he had with you!
Me too, Love Marty
01.06.2004 07:09
Dr. John Onufrak

Happy New Year brother!
12.28.2003 13:56
Dr. John Onufrak


You are not forgotten this Christmas octave my dear friend. Special prayers were offered at my St. Peter's, for you and family and friends. I hope this year coming, 2004, is most prosperous and Happy and healthy for all those who read and continue to spread the joy and happiness that Micheal would have wanted. He's touched so many people in many ways and has given inspiration and hope for so many. May you enjoy the peace of God's love!
12.21.2003 04:12

I am always at a loss for words when I come to this site for comfort. Everyone who writes has such a special place in their heart for our Michael.

Whoever said that "time heals the pain" is a big fat liar. We only learn to live with the pain in the time we are given. Trust me.

Whoever knew that at 6 and 4, Max and Ally could be so much like you. You wanted to be Batman...They think they actually ARE Batman. They practice stealth, and Star Wars is inbred. You would be proud, Uncle Michael. scares me!

You ARE here. I just know it. I see it all day, every day. It makes me miss you so much more all the time.

Just like I promised you, Michael. I think about you every day. My kids DO know their Uncle Michael (oh, and yes, he is a GOD!), and the sun DOES rise and set in you, and oh yeah, just like I said to you THAT day, Mike, my life will never be the same. And it HAS been my honor to be your sister.

I love you.
12.07.2003 21:10
Wendy Thomas

Time is slipping by and not a day goes past that I don't think of you. Every time I call my son's name (Michael Daniel Thomas), you are there... All I can say is thank you for all that you are to us..Love and miss you.. Wendy
12.06.2003 06:12
Dr. John Onufrak

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Hey Michael,

Thanksgiving was uneventful this year, though the memories of our hunts and hikes led me to deep thought. It's amazing to me how small a world we actually live in, and how circles of paths cross each other in life. Many of us that left the Evil DC went to various states, funny several have ended up here in Ohio. I always mention your name to let others continue the chain of how you inspired many, then and now.
I am a few short months of my Carpe Diem day, a year of turmoil. But I am in 100% remission, and am working steadily on physical condition, health, and peace. Soon, this will be a mere bad dream, and I will have grown more strong than ever, for I am truly a lucky one.
Watch and guide those who need help. Miss you as we all do.
11.16.2003 00:43
Christine Charpentier

Hey Mike. I feel like I know you...yet we never met. I am very close friends with your girl 'sped'-I just wanted to tell you that she is doing really great-she had a rough road-but now has sunshine all around her. you really changed her life-she is a better, stronger, and healthier woman for knowing you...thank you for giving her all the gifts you have given her-in life and in death. you'd be proud of her..she still lives up to her knickname with grace and style! just thought you would want to know all if you didn't already!! warmest regards-christine charpentier
11.11.2003 19:15

Hey Mike...
What in the world... you see my life now... can you believe all that has happened? I know you are happy for me babe, but I miss you... What would life be like with you here? Very different then now, that is for least I think! I will always thank you for the love you gave me, courage and faith that you demonstrated and the laughter you still bring to my life...As always, I am sure, there are still many "Sped" moments....
Someday Mike, we will be together again... until then, protect me as I know you do and always will...

Love you,
10.24.2003 19:21

hey big brother,

I still feel like you can't be gone. I miss your voice, but I can hear you in my heart. I see you in the kids, Max is more like you every day. I meet people, and tell them about you. Everyone says they wish they had known you. They have no idea.

How blessed we are to have had you. I miss you like I never imagined I could. And it still hurts like new every day.

Stay with us all, please be our guide.

I love you and miss you like no one could ever imagine.

Thank you, Chris for keeping this tribute going. It is a huge comfort.

Everyone please keep praying for John.

And please, don't ever forget my Michael.
10.15.2003 09:43
Alisa Krewet

I am inspired by the strength and drive of one mans accomplishments through hard work and sheer determination. My thoughts are with you and everyone who struggles with daily living. Cancer has hit closer to home than I ever suspected, and now it is personal. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillippians 4:13
10.14.2003 10:13
Karl Klepfer

There is a cold chill in the air now … know what that always meant to us … ICE!

We’ll stick-a-pick for ya!
10.03.2003 07:45
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Bud,
Just thinking about the fall. Am starting to make a more smooth recovery. Endurance, stamina and strength coming back. This was the time of year of preparation, protocols, packing, climbs, camping, hunting.
I've readied the vehicle, now awaiting a destination. God is with us ! Miss ya man!
09.01.2003 20:25
Marty Warbington

To Karen and others.
It's a comfort to read the words of someone else who cared for Mike and still miss him. Thanks for sharing.
It's the things that trigger a strong memory suddenly, that keep me aware of how much I still miss him. My birthday is in about a week, and on my 40th, when the lab went to a restaurant for a celebration of it, he gave me a ride in his Porsche. My very first time in one and one of the few times he ever drove at lunch time. By that timing I will always remember him on my birthday, forever.
Thank you Mike for that, you made me feel special that day.
09.01.2003 11:58

To all who see this page------ Can it be two years and almost five months since Michael left this time and place to be with God? It doesn't get easier for me Ihave just learned to live with the pain. The good news is that Michael and Roy are together having no pain , no worries,no pressure, no stress. Theyare never far from any of us-just call and they are there.

John, we all know who is watching over you and interceding on your behalf...the force is with you along with our daily prayers. Blessongs to you.

Thank you for keeping this site Chris. You will never know what it means to us and to people who never met Michael are inspired by his life.

Thanks and God's love to all.Karen
08.16.2003 15:05
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Mike,

These are the days in weather and spirit where kindred share experiences. There has been much going on in my life, similar in many ways, but the JEDI light still shines and will not wither. Yesterday, I saw a sight that I know you would have appreciated. Only a few hundred yards from my house, in Ohio, I witnessed not one, or two...but three bucks; two eight points, and a 10 pointer. They were beautiful and stood so majestically as they knew they had no enemies here.
I am 80 days post stem cell transplant, with zero complications. I am very lucky indeed. Each day the force grows stronger, and training will begin once again. There is much to yet explore, and scale....soon the time will come.
You are missed by all my friend,
05.08.2003 22:32
Marty & Cory

Happy Birthday Dude.
And the force is with you.
05.08.2003 17:52

Happy Birthday Mike!!!
04.11.2003 23:31
Marty Warbington

Cory and I talk about you like we're going to see you any day now. We went to your memorial service in Atlanta and it was good to see you had pictures of when you took Cory camping with you in the mountains of New york. I also saw my name in your thesis where you thanked me for all the help. You always said you were going to do that, and you did.
I still have the feeling you're watching out over me, just like I told you the last time I wrote you.
Just want you to know you're still thought of in Boston and always will be wherever I am.
03.31.2003 19:23
Dr. John Onufrak


As you know, I am now a warrior for the cause. Fortunately, for health, age, strength, and stamina - qualities we endured and shared, are still my power.
Awaiting first pass news, remember the path of the righteous man........
03.15.2003 01:49

Please watch over, guide, give strength too and be with your fellow comrade John. May the "Jedi Force" that you and John have be with be with John today and everyday...
I send special prayers to you Mike... I know you see what John is going through... May your strength be with him from the heavens above.
I miss you,
02.23.2003 22:11

Mike, Mike, Mike.... I can not believe you are still not physically here. Just today, I was out walking Buck and was thinking to myself if you were able to stop by for a visit, how much news I would have to share with you. All that has happened in the past almost two years... I realize how much I have changed but always wonder how life would be with you still here. I still miss you so much... Loosing you certainly has been the most difficult undertakings I hope to face in my life. I still do not "get it" and I have come to accept that in this life time I never will. There is not a day that goes by that in some way or another I know you are with me either through my actions, reactions, thoughts or dreams. You were the best. I read a quote the other day, "to live in the hearts of those left behind, is not to die" and this is what you have done. You have impacted many Mike in more ways then I know you ever imagined. Funny to find myself writing this, do you remember Feb 23, 1999???? Four years ago, hard to believe!! Yes, it is hard to believe the things that only you could do or say and get away with. I hope that all is well up there for you... Someday Mike, I know we will be together again and love again....
02.06.2003 21:11
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Comrade,

I communicate with the Spedster often. She, myself and many others will continue our very fond thoughts and memories. There are some of us though, who will continue in the arts of the Jedi, as these are masterfully employed on a daily routine in some way, shape or form...thought you should know.
Gearing up for continental divide expedition and know you will be present. Miss ya man.
01.26.2003 21:00
Mature Aunts

E-Mail Homepage
Beck, I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am. I know that things can't be to easy on you, and that words don't give much comfort. Remember that God only gives us that which we can handle, and there is a reason to all of this chaos, even if we can't see it now. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and if you need anything don't you dare hesitate to call. What are cousins for, right. I love you, and give Mike's family my love and deepest sympathy.

01.12.2003 10:51
Karl Klepfer

Get your Specialized Mt. Bike ready cause we're going riden! You know you're always with us …. all of us!

Cheers Bud!
01.08.2003 14:47
Chris Caropolo

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say how I would have enjoyed to meet you. You are an amazing guy. My brother Frankie (26 years old) has been recently diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He is making the best of it. Fortunately, like you, he also has many friends and family who love him dearly. I spoke with Becky today and she was gracious enough to give me some information, advice and support. You are a lucky man. She loves you very much.

I will pray that you have found peace and I hope you can talk to some of your friends up there and ask them to hold off on my brother. Take care and I hope to see you on the mountain one day.

12.28.2002 19:43
Heidi Tyrrell

Hey Michael, It's been a long time since I've written but I wanted you to know I always check in.... Pumpkin and I recently got together and she said you were worried you would be forgotten!! We laughed and asked "How could anyone forget Michael?" We miss you all the time but always smile when we talk of you. Oh the things you did and got away with! I suppose that's why it seems so surreal that you are not on this earth anymore. You always got out of EVERYTHING and smelled like a rose! I'll never forget our climb with Mare in Scotland. After all I have such a "natural pelvic thrust". You even named an ice cave after me... guess that's why I still miss the "golden boy". Love ya, Heidleberg
10.23.2002 17:28
dona cardenas

Dear Michael, Karen and Dawn,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you I still think about your family all the time.
I don't know why your family touched my life they way you have. I still have all the email I received from Michael when he was first diagnosed. I think about you and your family at least once a week. Something always makes me think about you. This time it's the emails. But usually, it's a butterfly or a cyclist or something i see on tv. I am sorry i never had the pleasure of getting to know you in person Michael. I feel like i really missed out. Karen and Dawn, you are always in my thoughts. I never know what to say. I hope you are doing well.
10.05.2002 00:56

It's been a long time since I've written. It is still so painful, and unbelievable to me that you're gone from this world.

It means the world to me that so many of your amazing comrades continue to remember and keep your spirit alive, and talk to you, and all of us, through this beautiful website. Every time I read these incredible tributes, I am reminded of what a masterpiece you are, how many lives you touched, and how blessed and honored I am to be your sister.

Our dad, Roy Daniel, died of cancer on May 2, 2002. Just one year and 12 days after Michael.
Their services were held exactly one year to the day apart.

I know Michael reached out his strong, healthy hand and helped our Dad enter into eternity. I know they are both watching over us.

Sometimes the heartbreak is unbearable. I'm not sure sometimes how I make it through the day. Uncle Ron told me that we have to go on living. He said that the greatest way to honor you is to treasure what you treasured most - life. To live as courageously, honorably, aggressively, humbly, curiously, and amazingly as you did. He said that would be the greatest gift of all. To live. Because that is what you wanted to do. I won't be as good as you two, but I'm gonna go "B*##@ out" trying!

Becky and her brother Tim came to Atlanta for a few days in September. It was bittersweet. I took them to Marist. They have all your awards and trophys displayed. You're still a legend there! I also took them by Sheffield Glen - our old place looks great - I wanted to knock on the door of the new owner, but Becky rationalized me out of it! I took them to Emory. We drove around the campus, and - yes - went INTO the Chi Phi house!
Becky wanted me to tell them I was looking for my son, something about me being a Milf? They only have one composite hanging up. Yours. Apparently, that legend lives on as well.

I'm taking exceptional care of the Expedition. I'm proud to own it. It will always be yours, but it's in good hands for now. You can't believe the looks I get in that thing. You'd be proud. I'm such a guy!

I'm going to Africa next September, in your honor. I don't know anyting about Africa, but I'm going.
Come with me, OK?

I love you, my heart. Stay together, you two, and stay with us.
09.21.2002 11:44
Dr. John Onufrak

Hey Bud,

Starting the gear checks for the fall, started to think again about all the pre-planning we did. Fall rock and ice coming soon, and hunting. Picked up some new gear and toys to make excursions easier. New vehicle is in planning, practice booming. I wish you were still here man. Will send INTREP soon.
05.10.2002 06:40
Dr. John Onufrak

Happy Birthday Mike!!!!

Climb on !
05.08.2002 10:17

Happy 40th Birthday Babe!!

Love, Becky
04.26.2002 08:11
Dr. John Onufrak

In the withering hours of the night April 20, I couldn't sleep. I found it hard to think of words, so only memories, good ones.... and tears formed. There were so many great times. Of recent, I am reminded of our plans to partake in "Eco-Challenge", and of all places, this year would have been it...NEW ZEALAND!!!, the one place we really wanted to go and climb.
I have inspired others to become SCUBA certified, so we too can go on the missions we once did. While leafing through my pictures that day, I came across an Evil Dental Center pamphlet, in it were co stars Mike and John. Both of us in our laboratories, and an individual photo of Mike working on a Tigress at the zoo, she required a root canal. Isn't it amazing what skills GOD has given individuals, in helping others, and in this case his creatures. Mike was definitely gifted, he gave his all for fellow man and beast. Mike and I shared stories of zoo adventures, for in each city we've lived, we've had a zoo connection. I have been a Zoo Docent for the past 2 years, it is wonderful.
There is always something new, some reminder of Mike almost every day that passes. Whether it be my gear wall of climbing equipment, an eagle or hawk soaring high ( " man I wish Mike could see this" - and I'm sure he does), or planning a dive, one just has to wonder.
I lost a great friend here on earth, but am happy he lives with our Lord, I am confident we will meet again.
I had the proud honor of meeting your girlfriend Mike, SPED as some say. She is a wonderful person. We shared memories and stories for a long time. I was even able to witness Sped movements, but that was ok. Kindness and the true loving of Mike, were our subject. We all miss you bud.
I am proud to have known you as a friend and colleague.
De Opresso Liber
04.20.2002 22:47
Chris Williams

To All,
A year has passed since our good friend Mike departed on his journey, and like a cairn in time, I paused today to mark my course. Looking back I can say without doubt that the days Mike and I spent, chewing dirt, rock & snow together, were some of the most outstanding in memory. As for the future, there is a kind of release that comes from those who go through an ordeal and who know, having survived it, that they are equal to all life’s occasions. I will tell these stories for the rest of my life.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all who contributed to this web site with pictures and kind words and hope that it has brought comfort to those who visited. There are no plans to remove it from the web, but if anyone would like a copy of the site on a CD, please drop me a note and I’ll gladly send you one.

Finally, I would like to thank my friend Karl Klepfer for inspiring me to take on this project.

Safe Travels and Peace to All,
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.
- William Penn
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04.16.2002 00:32

My Dear Mike,
Spring is here, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the days are getting longer... I can not believe a year has already gone by without you. I was reading my journal entry from April 14, 2001 last year and would like to share what I wrote. I can not believe this was just 6 days before you went to heaven...

"Thank you dear Lord for another great day of moving towards peace and acceptance that we simply have only one day, and another awesome day that I am with the man that I so dearly love. Mike had a massage from Dorothee today, we then went over to the Papke's and got in the hot tub. I dropped Buck off to stay with Jake. MD and I then went to Barnes and Nobel. I read "where the side walk ends" and Mike read climbing magazines. We sat by each other and listened to a man in the cafe sing and play the guitar - it felt so normal. The singer played the song, "you are my sunshine" and Mike sang it to me. The same song he sang when we were hanging out in the hospital room at Evergreen waiting for Dr. Mathey to come and tell us the final diagnosis when Mike first learned he had cancer. We both laughed out loud tonight. MD laughed watching Buck and Jake play while we were in the hot tub. Aside from praying with Mike tonight at bedtime, seeing his awesome smile was the best part of my day."

Mike, I am so blessed to have been part of your life and to know that you are watching over me like you told me you would. I thank you for all of our talks and prayers. They have got me through this past year.

I have enjoyed meeting your fellow comrades this past year and learning so many things about you. I am very lucky Mike. You know, the one thing I miss the most Mike is laughing with you. In the meantime, I know you are laughing with me because you get to see all Sped moves... That is one way I feel you with me, when I laugh at myself and know that you are too!!

I miss you babe,
Love, Sped

03.02.2002 17:13
Dr. John Onufrak

Just came back from a continental divide campaign. Two climbers, much ice - fat city. Climbed to base at 9600ft. Altimeter checks along the way, three individual water falls, WI 4, 4+, and 5 respectively, 10000feet, 10400 feet, and 11100 feet. Awesome. SPED got to witness some from vantage point.
Also, along the trek, along a windblown sunny NE face of another mountain, we find 3 unmarked stone graves, like that of old west. Interesting.

Going back for more soon.
01.18.2002 21:31
Dr. John Onufrak

Just a quick entry for the new year....Thanksgiving hunting was fun, but not the same. Christmas, I lost my Grandmother a few days before. I hope she will reunite and say hello Mike, she liked you. My winter hunting campaign was fun, I visited a cave that Mike and I use to hunt. As usual, there was an occupant.
Soon I am off to a new location and a new adventure, more rock and ice. I wish we could climb once again, man the fun we had. I'm going to do the fang again for fun, make a tribute to ya buddy, then off to some 14ers, looking forward. May the Eagle fly and watch over us all.
One day I hope we have the answers to life's enigma. It seems so unfair sometimes. I thank God for what he has given me, I am only starting, and life is awesome, I wish you were around to see. Practice is flourishing, life is good, so much to do, so much to regrets...he who hesitates is lost right?
Had some awesome trials of "DENIAL" - a game we played well. Now looking for a new attack craft to use.
I hope your family is well buddy, will write again soon.
09.27.2001 06:03
Karl Klepfer


I’ve been asked by a local outdoors shop to put a slide show on for them. I said OK. This show entitled “PERU, an Alpinist's View” was Mike's first Peruvian experience. The show will be marketed throughout the mid-west (St. Louis, MO).

This show will be dedicated to the Sprit of Mike and we will have the link to Mike’s Memorial Web Page posted in all Marketing material.

If you would like to see the slide show descriptive, please email me for a copy @ and I will make every attempt to get it to you.

Your Friend!
Karl Klepfer
09.26.2001 21:28
Dr. John Onufrak

Hello all,

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't check this page, trying to strike the keyboard however is a tough task. I just wander off and reminisce ........

I know we will all remember what happened on 11 September 2001, where we were, what we were doing, etc. I will always remember as it was my home town struck, and for me, as I'm sure Mike would agree, doing what was done gives us all a vitamin pill to want to strike back and see justice done.
Anyway, I will also remember what I was doing..I was diving off the coast of Florida, actually near McGill AFB. Before the dive I thought of Mike and of his last mission to deliver him to sea, while diving I thought of Mike because I just acquired and dove the latest in NAVY SEAL equipment - YES!!! - which I knew he could appreciate. I also thought about those times we buddied up and dove in various places, and wished he were along side once again doing another fun thing. When I came aboard the dive boat, I was changing my gear and tanks for the next dive when the captain asked us all to come up front as he had something important to tell us. Another climbing buddy of mine, Andy, and I looked at each other and had a feeling of suspect and question. I thought that someone on board was sick, hurt, saw a shark or another shark attack had occurred near our area, as we were in shark country. When he spoke those words, our WTC in NYC, and Pentagon had been attacked, a feeling of disgust came over us all, sheer horror and sorrow for those involved.
I immediately thought of Mike, how we would have been discussing the situation and making plans to help in any way. I got certified a while back in forensic odontology, and search and rescue just as Mike had. We had skills others needed, but flights were cancelled. So I adapted, improvised and overcame the situation, rented a car, and drove on up......
I just wanted to let you know I miss ya buddy.
09.15.2001 20:52
Tim Goad

Dear Mike:

About this time last week,
I went on a drive;
Talked with my sister Becky,
and we both cried.

Went to the San Juans
to take in the view,
And with heavy hearts
we talked a lot about you.

To say she misses you
would not say enough;
She cries every night and
since you died it's been rough.

Now she has me, Lyuda
Caine and Buck,
To soothe her pain and
see that she doesn't get stuck.

Memories of you and her
fill her thoughts every day,
So I wrote this poem,
to say what she can't say.

She loved you with all of
her heart, all of her soul;
Now she's left to wonder
if she can ever again be whole.

I thank you for inspiring
her and championing God's grace,
For because of your spirit
the world is truly a better place.

The view from where you're
at must be great,
But don't ever forget how a thought
of you makes her elate.

You won't be forgotten,
whether you're near or far;
And she will always love you Mike,
for you were her brightest star.

09.12.2001 22:31

It's been a while since I've written.I read this incredible tribute to my big brother often,but it's just too painful to write.Our whole family is so deeply tormented by Michael's death.We miss him so much.The devastating events in our country over the last two days prompted me to write this...I still haven't found much understanding for why Michael's life was cut so short,but maybe,as so many of us believe,there is a reason.Maybe God needed Michael's strong hand to guide someone out of a burning, collapsing building,or his faithful hand to help someone else pass over into His loving embrace.Maybe the courageous search and rescue teams needed Michael's expertise from above to lead them to a survivor.I somehow know that my Michael is there. I wonder how many of us have thought about Michael yesterday and today? I think about him about a million times a day.I never thought it could hurt so bad.
09.07.2001 10:53
Adam Dawson

I just found out about Mike yesterday, after browsing the RRISC web page. I am very saddened by his passing.

He was a fleeting friend who I climbed with 3 or 4 times. He was a mentor, not only in the hills, but in life. I admired him for his rock solid stability.

I belayed him up 100 foot Angel Falls once, and when he got to the top, he had to rappel down and pull his own pro becuase I didn't feel comfortable climbing ... he told me at that time that I had to feel comfortable in whatever I did and it was totally acceptable. Not a word was said about it after that. Rock solid stability.

He was the only guy I new who could climb 5.10 in his double boots wearing a 25 pound pack.

Seven years ago, myself, my wife Paula and Roman left for the Grand Teton. We were sceptical about the ascent, but figured we'd go and try anyway. Mike was the only person who told us "You will climb it, I have confidence." We never did climb it that time, but just last week, Paula and I went back and did summit. I thought about Mike a lot on that trip because of what he initially said to us, ... not knowing what happened to him.

Fleeting friend, mentor ... I like to be outside because I can hear God. I will also now listen for you. The belay is on Mike ... climb on ...
08.26.2001 22:58

On behalf of the Daniel Family and my best friend , MDJedi, Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts, memories and prayers. They have eased our pain and lifted our spirits. If my brother were still here in the flesh, he would silently thank each and every person who touched his life. He cared very deeply for all of his friends and companions. Michael asked me to be sure and let all of "you" know how grateful he is for the wonderful souls he had the honor of knowing. God Speed. Peace.

08.16.2001 23:56
Mary Ann

It has taken quite sometime to be able to write here because I have been in shock....It truly seems impossible that Mike is gone 4 months. Although Mike and I did not keep in touch at the end I can say that we had an inseparable bond. We met in Atlanta in 1990 and it is because of him that I decided to move to Rochester to continue my education when Emory closed it's postgraduate program. I have no regrets about that decision especially because I spent a significant portion of my first year and a half in Rochester with Michael. The reason that I am writing this is because I was with Mike when he first took up the sport that he loved so much...climbing. He became friends with John Featherstone and was introduced to the Rochester Rock and Ice Club. He also met Karl Klepfer and Chris Williams there. He was hooked on it right from the start. We used to spend Saturday afternoons at EMS looking at climbing gear. I was with him when he bought his first rope, harness and shoes (which was a big deal because we were living on a resident's salary). Anybody who knew Mike understood his passion for life and his beloved climbing. I truly believe that he would have done K-2 and Everest and the rest of the 7 peaks if he had lived. In the beginning, Mike would take his climbing gear everywhere...he had to climb everything wherever. We went to the "gunks" one time and we climbed several routes in the pouring rain. I was cursing him out because I couldn't get over this overhang that he made look so easy. The only other nuts out there were people from greenpeace planning their next maneuvers. To get him to come to New Jersey to see my family I had to promise him I would take him to Patagonia in NYC. Another time we went to Memphis, Tennessee to climb overnight from Atlanta and because he wanted to climb "one more route" we had to race back to Atlanta at 100 mph to catch our plane. Poor Roy had to race us to the airport and we didn't get our luggage in Rochester for 2 days...but we made it. Mike always made it... thats why this is so unreal. He could do anything if he set his mind to it. I keep thinking that there is some unseen reason for this tragedy and perhaps someday we will know... just like he knows now. I know you are watching over all of us now Mikey. I know that you are at peace and now know the true love of your family and friends. I miss you bonehead. Love always, Bella
08.10.2001 01:35

My world is a better place because of you

The precious memories of singing "our song" to each other.

I miss and love you Mike but I know your spirt lives within all of us who love you and that you loved in so many different and touching ways. You are very special and so dearly missed by many.

Sweet Dreams, Sped
08.10.2001 01:30

Dear Mike,
It was a beautiful day here in Seattle, one I would have loved to spent with you. Going on an unplanned adventure somewhere, ending up nowhere but always having fun. We did get lost a lot, at least by my directions! Today I flew up to the San Juan Islands. I have been doing a lot of flying the past few months. It is immaculate, Mnt. Rainier, the Cascades, the Olympics, Mnt. Baker and a pod of killer whales that Long flew down to a hundred feet elevation so I could watch. I feel so surrounded by you and feel your presence when I am flying. It is so peaceful, so beautiful and so free and I always see a rainbow. I can only imagine what your view is like. You can watch a beautiful sunset every night or a beautiful sunrise every morning. Sometimes, I wonder where you are watching them- what is the time zone in heaven? (Sped question)

Having you in my life was a miracle and a blessing that I will forever be greatful for. I was with you when you took your last breath and felt your heart slowly come to a stop- the last person you touched, you kissed and said that you love. I felt such amazing peace in the room holding you in my lap while Jimmy ran downstairs to get your family. For the first time in months you were at peace. It is such a blessing to know that you knew you were going to heaven and you were "excited" to see your Papa as you told me. Words will never captivate my love and admiration for you, my hero.

I miss our nightly prayers together and writing back and forth in our journal. The one thing I am most grateful for is being around someone as reverent as you. Mike you never prayed for yourself only for others and always gave thanks first. Your relentless faith was inspiring to watch and feel. In the face of extream adversity you held yourself so high and always took the time to ask others how they were doing. I have relished meeting the people who knew you. Your co-workers at "the snake" had many funny stories to tell and still have your poster of Dr. Evil above your "chair." Hearing the many climbing adventures at the Eugene Mountain Rescue party was a lot of fun too.

Last month I flew to Port Townsend- Long and I met Jimmy and Brandon at Paine Field and they then followed us over. Jimmy in his plane with Brandon and Long and I in the T-28 military plane. Long and I were there first and I was so excited to watch Jimmy do one of his first landings. I was standing out by the runway and spotted him with binoculars and watched them fly in. From as far as I could see, until they made the approach for landing a bald eagle was escorting them in. Upon their safe arrival, as if summoned by you, the eagle broke off on its own missing man formation into the heavens and I just knew...

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For every wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever greatful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through
through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I could not reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand
I could touch the sky
I lost my faith you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm greatful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved
by you

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
Light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a bette
08.10.2001 00:41

Buck says, "ruff, rufffff, ruff" and that he misses you... Love you Dad!! Buck
08.09.2001 19:28





08.09.2001 19:14









08.09.2001 16:42

E-Mail Homepage
What a remarkable individual. I never knew you, but I've known many who shared in your struggle. You have clearly been loved dearly by many - I consider that the greatest perk one could ask for. Cheers.
08.03.2001 22:42
pam kenley

I was asked to carry Mike to South Florida with me , on vacation.. Dawn his sister was to meet me in Ft.Lauderdale days later.. with pride I did so... Friends of my own.. no knowledge of the situation... until we (Dawn and I) explaining the mission we were on, excepted without a flinch to help us complete it. Not knowing Mike , Dawn, or our loving family, They only knew me amd my immediate family and our circumstances we were facing, all that aside , were willing to put everything behind and do whatever to complete the "Mission" Dawn and I had ahead of us.

We set out on Friday July 27,2001 "roughly" (no pun intended) seas 3-5 feet 10:00a.m with the intention to go 1 mile east of the South Fla. Coast and 3 miles North of Singer Island to a shipwreck called (ironically) the ARCHANGEL ST. MICHEAL sunk in 1653... the seas were so rough we were all scared to death.. we were at sea for roughly 45 minutes.. and finally reached the tip of the ship wreck.. Dawn and myself looked at eachother and said you know what Mike would say "Suck it up and just do it!" So we did just that, this was the hardest thing we ever did... We brought Red flowers with us to throw after he was released ironically... the seas calmed we released the flowers as the waves came in they went out riding them until we could not see them in the distance, strange... but not shocked.. for Mike has powers beyond He said before he left us that if there was a way that he could come back and let us know that he is here he would and by that meaning sending butterflies... After a few moments collecting ourselves we headed back into the inlet of Palm Beach... Greg the Captain, being on the water for his entire life practically...lost his breath when approaching the Island a 7 foot Stingray (a Ocean bottom fish...that moves like a BUTTERFLY)
jumped out of the water in front of us not once...but twice... call it crazy....NOT US...

07.24.2001 07:29
Dr John Onufrak

This past weekend I travelled back to the Adirandacks to visit my parents. This was a place Mike and I really enjoyed going to because of all the beauty it offered. I visited a few places Mike and I climbed, and went boating with my family. As we were fishing, we started to talk about the cliffs that were looming over the lake. When they looked at me, I said yup....we climbed that one too.
I almost didn't go home this past weekend, even though all of my family had travelled from across the nation to be there, but I received a piece of mail entitled " Take Hold Of Every Moment ".
It touched me in that I thought of Mike, and our motto ; CARPE DIEM . I wanted to say I did it, and not think about any regrets. As I looked above on those cliffs one last time before heading in for shore, I thought about how long it took us to get to the base and then the summit. The bottom line is, it didn't matter, we didn't care. I'm glad I took one last look, for flying overhead those cliffs was a lone bald Eagle. It was awesome.
I thought you should know...............


07.06.2001 11:06
Arthur & Eva Tulanowski

You are missed and thaught of and although we didn't have the opportunity to meet you in person, you will always be in our hearts.

The Gumont Family
07.02.2001 22:27
Mary Starkweather, RRISCC

I was out of town in March and April, and see I missed a lot. I'm sorry. Coincidentally, I just came across a roll of prints from when we were climbing at Rattlesnake Point or Buffalo Crag. Karl, Roman, and perhaps Bruce, were there too. It was nearly time to go, when someone got the urge to lead this 40 foot piece of rock. Well, it took you 4 guys to lead it, me to clean it, and at least a couple of hours beyond our planned departure time. And, you had been told to be home early. But, no one wanted to give up. Hey - we had a great time!

May your spirit be at peace.
Mary Starkweather, with good wishes from my little ones: Nathaniel and Thomas Howe.
04.24.2005 08:07
Dr. John Onufrak

Well it's been another birthday. Mike and I would be planning some cool endeavor over a few brews. Likely we would have planned a July 4th excursion.

One past 4th, we ventured by boat to the middle of a lake. Our craft was laden with people, food, drink and of course fireworks, very very long range launchable fireworks. Well, after launching for hours, and as the night dwindled, to our surprise, we were being attacked by some other boaters. Of course we turned about and engaged with fury, and with overwhelmingly superior firepower. We literally drove them ashoretails between legs and cowering as we added victory once again to our famous " gunboat 7". Ahhh to reminisce. You'll be happy to know I had a
toast in your honor.

Semper Fidelis my friend,

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06.14.2001 19:12
Frank Araya

E-Mail Homepage
I didn't know Mike, but I share his passion for the mountains & for science.

Farewell may God have you in his grace !
06.07.2001 10:22
Julie Short


Mike was my honor patient last year when I ran the Victoria Marathon
with Team in Training. All those in TNT who went to Victoria last year
will never forget both Mike and Becky's strength, courage, and most of
all . . . their positive outlook on life that remained no matter how
difficult Mike's challenges became.

This month several of us will train again for the Victoria marathon in
honor of Mike and his battle with cancer. We all feel so lucky to have
met Mike and Becky and to have had the brief chance to be inspired by
both of them. Last year Mike was at mile 25 cheering us on, and this
year I know he'll be with us all the way.

06.01.2001 20:09
Dr. John Onufrak


somewhere and make a "mission" out of our travels. It could mean a midnight arrival into Cleveland with an escorted pickup to the "dacks", or a fly- in to Buffalo for a pick up , always; DESTINATION - DACKS. We would immediately deploy our gear and prepare for the Thanksgiving Hunt. Early out of the bunks, we would attack a ridge and stalk a herd of deer. Mike and I perfected our camoflauge and ghillie suits. Once settled, we always scored game, deer , turkey or squirrel.
My God...I'll miss you man!! Later that day, we would trek home to headquarters and have a feast of Thanksgiving dinner. We shared stories and compared our families, so very similar. Then it was out on the town to check out the local action, only to return home to ready for the next day's hunt.
Then there were the climbs. We always took the path of most resistance and challenge, climbing rock and ledge, traversing cliffs or gorges to get where the best vantage points were. I have so many stories to tell. I encourage others to do the same.
My good friend , one day we shall see each other again, axe in hand, rope and rifle at the ready. I look forward to the next entry of adventure.

04.24.2005 08:09
Dr. John Michael Onufrak

For the family and friends of Mike Daniel from a close dear friend,

I am crying as I write and pay tribute to a very dear comrade. Today, out of the blue
I call to say hello, after being away "training", only to learn of the news that one of my
best friends is gone. Mike and I were introduced at Rochester's Eastman Dental Center
[EDC] ,(which we deemed affectionately The Evil Dental Center), ironically well before
Dr. Evil was born through Austin Powers. A Vietnam Vet, who was one of our instructors,
mentioned to me there was someone who I need to meet as we both have similar
interests; anything outdoors, and to make the most of our lives.

Mike and I found that we not only had similar interests, but were of similar backgrounds, including our nationalities, and our code of ethics
and honor.

We began talking, and soon hung out on a routine basis, only living less than that 1000 yards away-we always spoke about. We both had
Jeeps, fully equipped to do battle, and sports cars that well competed and complimented each other while driving together to our various
adventures. His the Porsche...mine the Mitsu 3000GT VR4 Twin turbo, we controlled the roads as call signs MDJEDI and FORCEP1. These cars again
were fully equipped with the most sophisticated electronics, lighting systems, radar, and communications that made us invincible while
"playing" Top Gun. Be it the cars or the Jeeps, we had tons o' fun !

Having a background in Sniper training, I introduced Mike to the wonderful world of weapons and the art of being a sniper. I had also a fondness
of mountaineering, and so we traded skill and secrets, and practiced them until mastered. I taught Mike how to hunt and fish while in the Adirondacks
and how to orient in the wild, Mike taught me how to pack better, how to climb better, and to not give up.....EVER !!!

I also got Mike involved in the martial arts, teaching him whenever we had time, usually while preparing for a hunt or a climb. We had some awesome hunting
expeditions, the training, the camoflauge all paid off in the end.

Mike helped me on my first technical ice climb at multiplication gulley,
I had no equipment, so I tied my old Swiss seat, as learned in Ranger
camp before we rappelled out of a chopper, he laughed, as I had no
double boots, only ski boots. His constant phrase still sounds off to me;
" if you can climb this in those boots, you can climb anything...I'm tellin'
ya," and as usual, he was right. Not only did WE climb it, but he inspired
me to purchase all of the ice climbing gear I could fit in my Jeep that
day. From then on bro, I've been doing the same wherever I go now. It
was Mike who really got me into climbing, rock in summer, Ice in winter,
" and there's nothing like feeling the rush when climbing ice."
On Mike's first hunting excursion, we took a painstaking 2 hours of
crawling, on snow, while in full snow gear and Ghillie suits, to stalk and
approach within 30 yards of a herd of deer. We decided on our targets,
and Mike unleashed, in less than 30 seconds, we had our kills. It was like
that every hunt, always success.It was like that every climb...always
success. We taught each other safety, asked each other questions, and
always thought of the well being of our team. Mike was a kind hearted
and caring individual, we always had fun no matter what we did, we
helped the indigent, we helped countless stranded or stuck motorists, we
always sought and found adventure.
I have a younger brother whom I have taught, just as Mike does. We
were and will always be brothers. My family was the New York extended
family when Mike was away from his own, I don't know how many trips
we made to the Adirodacks, let alone other destinations, but for the past
several years, Mike would spend Thanksgiving at my parents house. No
matter where we were in the US, we always would meet somewher

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05.21.2001 08:31
Karen Daniel

Dear Family and Friends,
Once again, our heartfelt thanks for the loving support during this time of great sadness and loss.

The memorial service for Michael was held on Saturday, May 19, at the chapel of Marist School, where Michael graduated in 1980. It was so fitting that the Catholic service was officiated by Fr. James Hartnett, who has been leading that fine place since Michael attended high school there. A former classmate of Mike, Brian Cowan,who is completing his studies and will be ordained into the priesthood next year assisted at the service and reflected on their years together also. The heart of the eulogy gave me a new perspective and great comfort that I'll share with you. Fr. Hartnett chronicled Michael's life as that of one reaching higher and higher, wanting to reach his goals as quickly as possible, always working dilligently to be better, stronger,more courageous. The personal achievements allowed him to share his knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve more, to grow more, to pass it on. Father then connected that to our daily lives where parents everywhere seem to have a common bond wherein they are constantly telling their children, "come home early". Well, Michael fit a lot of living into thirty eight years, and then God called him home early. He was only on loan to us as all children are to their parents, as we all are to each other. Some are called home early.

Those of you who have offered to send photos and other sentimental items,we would be most grateful to receive them at our home address:5785 Northside Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 30328.Phone 770-952-1919.

Sharing on this web site has been the single most beautiful gift any family could hope for at a time like this and we're so truly grateful to Chris Williams for creating and keeping this site for all of us to share. Michael was able to see this and receive the outpouring of love and support a few days before he died. The messages that have come since his passing have eased the pain countless times.

Just so you know, we have learned of so much about Michael's life that we didn't know before, so many precious experiences that only you all shared with him, and now with us, they will forever be a comfort and joy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Karen,Roy,Dawn, Chris, and Nana
05.14.2001 10:04
C.J. Bornarth

I have so much to thank you for. You introduced me into the climbing community, where I met my wonderful husband and soulmate, Ian. You introduced me to the whole world of outdoor life, hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing. I'm sorry that we lost touch these past few years. I hope that somewhere, you know I appreciate how you influenced my life. You always made time for me- from the lunches out by the helipad you thought was so cool, to runs in highland park where you wore a fully loaded backpack, to rattlesnake point where we climbed and met Janie, to helping me pick out my first pair of Danners. I wore those on every hike, mountain, cave, ocean cliff and hillside for 8 years! You were right, they were just the boots for me! How many miles and memmories in those boots. I still have the crampons you picked out for me (that you wore on Fairweather). I've taken them up a bunch more mountains and frozen waterfalls, they are still hanging in there!
Ian and I have done a lot more traveling and climbing since we last saw you. You really changed the direction of my life, towards the sports and the man that I love. I thank you for everything.
love, C.J.
05.09.2001 18:03
mike bauer

I am a radiation therapist @evergreen and planned and treated Mike over the past year. I have seen hundreds of patients pass over the years and yet none have impacted me so greatly as Mike did. Rarely do you see the type of courage that Mike seemed to call on at will. I hope that when my time comes I can carry myself with same dignity and courage you did mike.
05.07.2001 01:56


There is a famous Russian saying that people will remember you more for leaving one deep footprint than many small ones. The impression you left on my life will never be forgotten. Thank you.

I miss you.
05.04.2001 14:50
Dona Cardenas

Dear Karen,
I can't believe all that has happened to your family this past year. It is very surreal that Michael is gone. I wish I'd had the opportunity to meet him in person. One thing's for sure, he must have been some kind of special person that he is bringing people together even in his absence. You and Roy must be so proud of him and all his accomplishments during his life and I have a feeling that even in death he will touch people.
My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you and Roy and Dawn and Chris. I pray that Roy has a speedy recovery and that you can enjoy your lives together as a family.
God bless you,
05.04.2001 01:17
Karen Daniel

To all of you caring, wonderful family and friends,

All of the tributes to Michael have been such a comfort in this most difficult time. He is honored, as we are by the outpouring of love and support.

The memorial service in Seattle last Thursday was a beautiful tribute to a life lived well. We have certainly lost a part of ourselves since he went to be with God.Though he'll never be forgotten and he is with me wherever I am. Sounds crazy, but we talk all the time and he speaks to my heart that if I could only see him now, healthy, strong, deep voice again, no pain. I believe that. I believe in Heaven.

The mass and service in Atlanta will be at 11 a.m.
May 19,2001 at The Marist School Chapel on Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Dunwoody, Ga. for more details you can e mail me or call 770-952-1919.

Again, my heartfelt thanks from our family to all of you.
04.25.2001 15:24
Marc and Marietta Bermudez

We did not know Mike very well but when Mike and Becky went to see
our house for rent, Marietta and I immediately noticed their friendly
and honest personalities. Mike had an aura of openness about him and
after a couple of phone conversations with him, I knew that both Mike
and Becky were trustful and would be good tenants. Our prayers are
with Mike as he move on to much Bigger and much Better things.

04.25.2001 13:43
David & Mary Cobb

Dear Roy, Karen and Family,

We are deeply saddened to hear about Mike; although I never had the pleasure to meet him, based on everything we know, and given who his parents are, he had to be an outstanding individual!Our prayers are with the family in this trying time. Our prayers are also with Roy for his complete recovery as well.

04.24.2001 23:23
Karen Hope Kittner

dearest Michael... roy, karen, na'na, dawn and christopher,
my thoughts and prayers are with every single one of you. i know life is hell right now, but we all know our miracle WAS answered because we had Michael for a precious time on this earth. i will be with you all very soon and eventually we will all be with michael. i love you all.
peace. karen hope
04.24.2001 15:58
Christopher Jones

I can still see Mike standing at mile 25 on the Victoria Marathon route. As tired as he was, he wasn't going to leave the course until he'd cheered us all in.

Mike's strength and love will continue to inspire us all.

Thank you Mike for teaching us all what it's about.

04.24.2001 14:59
Kerry Frost

We met only once at a TnT function, but then as now Mikes story touches my soul. I feel loss as of a kindrid spirit and know the world holds one less hero. Thanks Mike for reminding me of my purpose and yes, I'll carry your memory and renew my efforts.
Thanks to Mikes family and froend for sharing the contents of this website with me. Bless you all and keep you strong.
04.24.2001 12:58
Emilee Liles

Michael was my honor patient for the Team in Training Victoria Marathon. His words of wisdom were very inspiring for me, since it was my first marathon. I would like all of Michael's friend and family to know that my prayers are with you all during this time. I also have photos of Michael with a group of Team and Training people that I would be happy to forward to you, I would need to mail them since they were not digital.
Emilee Liles
04.24.2001 08:10
Regina Brown

Dear Roy & family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I never know what to say at a time like this. I pray that God's peace will encapsulate each one of you as He lovingly carries you through these times.
Appraisal Review- Fremont

04.23.2001 23:33
Jennie Doyle

I was Mike's mentor for the Seattle Team In Training program. I was so shocked to hear of his passing. I only knew him breifly, but was struck by his generosity and kindness. He showed such strength and courage in unbareble times. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It was an honor to have known Mike. Be sure of one thing, we will keep running marathons in his honor until we find a cure.
Jennie Doyle
04.23.2001 14:43
Heather Hadley

Dear Becky,
I'm struggling to find the right words for you and Mike's family right now, and I'm coming up blank. I guess there really isn't anything anyone can say. I do know for certain though, that you and Mike experienced something that is rarely found in couples. Everytime I talked to you, you always had some bizarre or meaningful story to tell me about you and Mike. It's been said by many who have known you for years, Mike brought you true happiness. The two of you taught each other, and you learned from each other. Even though it was for a short day or two, I'm glad that I was able to meet Mike in Las Vegas. You two seemed to bring the best out of each other. The two of yu were always laughing and smiling. Anyone could see the love you guys had for one another. He will be missed by many. Be strong. Love you........
Your friend,

04.23.2001 08:55
Harry and Dyan Nill

Roy, Karen, Dawn, Chris and Susie,
We were so sorry to hear of your loss. We heard so many great things about Michael. We feel a loss that we never met him. He was truly a hero in everone's eyes - even those who hadn't met him.

Michael, You have climbed the highest mountain in life and have made your way to heaven. We will help you watch over your family. Peace to you, your family and friends. I look forward to meeting one day...

Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

This quote reminds me of how Mike lived his life.

"Keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing; do not turn from the straight road."
-St. Augustine
04.22.2001 20:24
Steve and Claudia Lilly

Dear Karen, Roy, Dawn, Chris and Susie,
Our hearts are broken for you and our prayers, along with those of our fellow church members are with you. God is the Great Comforter and He will not fail to wrap each of you in His loveing arms. Please rest in His care, knowing that Michael is now soaring to new heights.
Claudia & Steve
04.22.2001 19:23
The Daniel Family

Dr. Michael Anthony Daniel:

May 8, 1962- April 20, 2001

In his Earthly life, Michael was a loving and devoted son, grandson, brother, mate, friend and partner. He passed into God's arms with peace grace and dignity at 9:05 AM on 4/20/2001. He was surrounded by his loving family and friends.

Michael earned his DMD at the Emory University School of Dentistry, his Ph.D. at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and was an Associate Professor and Research Scientist at Boston University's School of Periondontology.

Michael was an avid and accomplished mountaineer, having reached the summit of Mt Fairweather in Alaska, Mount Athabasca in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Cotopaxi and Mount Chimboraza in Equador and several peaks along the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. He was a rugged outdoorsman and a member of the Lane County Search and Rescue Team in Eugene, Oregon.

Michael was quite simply a one-of-kind. An accomplished Doctor, scholar, athlete, alpinist and marksman. He had a remarkable spirit that would bring out the best in anyone with whom he came in contact. He found the energy to be positive at all times, even when he was fighting for his life.

Michael is survived by his parents Karen and Roy Daniel, Maternal Grandmother Sue Thomas, Sister Dawn Hart, Brother and Best Friend Christopher Daniel, Nieces Alexandra Hart and Sophia Daniel, Nephew Maximillian Hart, Uncles and Aunts Robert and Judith Thomas, Sam and Sylvia Daniel, other loving Aunts and Uncles, special cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kipreos (Vicki Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. Kim Kenley (Pam Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas (Wendy), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thomas (Lisa), Nicholas and Christopher Kipreos, Nikki, Emily and Lane Kenley, Eden-Lyn, Mark Robert, and namesake Michael Daniel Thomas, Unfailing Partner Rebecca Goad, and climbing partners and beloved friends, James and Tiffany Johnson and Brandon Ditto and many loving family and friends.

Michael will be forever remembered for his extraordinary love of life, his remarkable character, honor, dignity and courage. He is truly a hero to everyone who knew him.

A celebration of Michael's life will be held at his Seattle home Thursday April 26th, 2001 at Twelve Noon. Please contact the family at 425-466-1902 for directions.

There will also be a service held in Atlanta. Details will be announced shortly.

04.22.2001 19:15
The Daniel Family

Dr. Michael Anthony Daniel:

May 8, 1962- April 20, 2001

In his Earthly life, Michael was a loving and devoted son, grandson, brother,
mate, friend and partner. He passed into God's arms with peace grace and
dignity at 9:05 AM on 4/20/2001. He was surrounded by his loving family and

Michael earned his DMD at the Emory University School of Dentistry, his Ph.D.
at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and was an
Associate Professor and Research Scientist at Boston University's School of

Michael was an avid and accomplished mountaineer, having reached the summit
of Mt Fairweather in Alaska, Mount Athabasca in the Canadian Rockies, Mount
Cotopaxi and Mount Chimboraza in Equador and several peaks along the
Cordillera Blanca in Peru. He was a rugged outdoorsman and a member of the
Lane County Search and Rescue Team in Eugene, Oregon.

Michael was quite simply a one-of-kind. An accomplished Doctor, scholar,
athlete, alpinist and marksman. He had a remarkable spirit that would bring
out the best in anyone with whom he came in contact. He found the energy to
be positive at all times, even when he was fighting for his life.

Michael is survived by his parents Karen and Roy Daniel, Maternal Grandmother
Sue Thomas, Sister Dawn Hart, Brother and Best Friend Christopher Daniel, Nieces Alexandra
Hart and Sophia Daniel, Nephew Maximillian Hart, Uncles and Aunts Robert and
Judith Thomas, Sam and Sylvia Daniel, other loving Aunts and Uncles, special
cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kipreos (Vicki Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. Kim Kenley
(Pam Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas (Wendy), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thomas
(Lisa), Nicholas and Christopher Kipreos, Nikki, Emily and Lane Kenley,
Eden-Lyn, Mark Robert, and namesake Michael Daniel Thomas, Unfailing Partner
Rebecca Goad, and climbing partners and beloved friends, James and Tiffany
Johnson and Brandon Ditto and many loving family and friends.

Michael will be forever remembered for his extraordinary love of life, his
remarkable character, honor, dignity and courage. He is truly a hero to
everyone who knew him.

A celebration of Michael's life will be held at his Seattle home Thursday
April 26th, 2001 at Twelve Noon. Please contact the family at 425-466-1902
for directions

There will also be a service held in Atlanta. Details will be announced
04.22.2001 18:40
Lorraine & Jim Zimmerman

Roy & Karen,
We can never really understand the heartache you are feeling but please remember that you are in our prayers daily. Let your faith in God carry you through this trying time. You have all our love and support.
04.21.2001 22:27
Linda Goad

Dear Mike:
There is a saying that I like that goes something like this, "One of the greatest things in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn."
A couple years ago Becky decided to cross a bridge when she met Mike Daniel - Small town girl, does well in college, moves to Seattle and becomes a nurse and there she meets Mike - from that day forward, she wasn't "our Becky" any longer, she was "your Becky." And me and my family know you through her eyes and heart. We came to know a man who had an incredible faith, who was courageous in the face of death. One who loved and was loved in return. You two were a gift to eachother - God knows why you crossed paths - those of who know you two will be diminished because we did not get to stand baack and watch to see all you would be together and I thank you for loving my daughter.

Tonight hear the quiet prayers of prayer circles all over this country - wherever Back's extended family lives - hear humble rosaries and the chant of a Native American shawoman - offered up for your
safe journey and for the gods of the universe to watch over all who loved you. Since you know all the answers now, we trust you to be our guardian angel. You rest in peace now and we will miss you.

Love, Linda G.

04.21.2001 17:00
The Daniel Family

Dr. Michael Anthony Daniel:

May 8, 1962- April 20, 2001

In his Earthly life, Michael was a loving and devoted son, grandson, brother, mate, friend and partner. He passed into God’s arms with peace grace and dignity at 9:05 AM on 4/20/2001. He was surrounded by his loving family and friends.

Michael earned his DDS at the Emory University School of Dentistry, his PHD at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and was an Associate Professor and Research Scientist at Boston University’s School of Periondontology

Michael was an avid and accomplished mountaineer, having reached the summit of Mt Fairweather in Alaska, Mount Athabasca in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Cotopaxi and Mount Chimboraza in Equador, several peaks along the Cordillera Blanca in Peru and many lesser peaks throughout the world. He was a rugged outdoorsman and a member of the Lane County Search and Rescue Team in Eugene, Oregon.

Michael was quite simply a one-of-kind. An accomplished Doctor, scholar, athlete, mountaineer, alpinist and marksman. He had a remarkable spirit that would bring out the best in anyone with whom he came in contact. He found the energy to be positive at all times, even when he was fighting for his life.

Michael is survived by his parents Karen and Roy Daniel, Maternal Grandmother Sue Thomas, Sister Dawn Hart, Brother Christopher Daniel, Nieces Alexandra Hart and Sophia Daniel, Nephew Maximillian Hart, Uncles and Aunts Robert and Judith Thomas, Sam and Sylvia Daniel, other loving Aunts and Uncles, special cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kipreos (Vicki Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. Kim Kenley (Pam Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas (Wendy), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thomas (Lisa), Nicholas and Christopher Kipreos, Nikki, Emily and Lane Kenley, Eden-Lyn, Mark Robert, and namesake Michael Daniel Thomas, Partner Rebecca Goad, and climbing partners and beloved friends, James and Tiffany Johnson, Brandon Ditto and many loving family and friends.

Michael will be forever remembered for his extraordinary love of life, his remarkable character, honor, dignity and courage. He is truly a hero to everyone who knew him.

A celebration of Michael’s life will be held at his Seattle home Thursday April 26th, 2001 at twelve noon. Please contact the family at 425-466-1902 for directions

04.21.2001 16:53
Dawn, Max, and Ally

My Big Brother Michael,
There are no words to describe our feelings. The joy you brought to our lives is rivaled only by the pain of not having you here. All my life, my big brother, my protector, my heart. How will I go on without you? I am in awe of your courage, honor, dignity, strength, and faith in God. You, in such a short life, have touched so many lives, so many people who are better now for having known you.
You showed us how to live, Michael, and you showed us how to die. My world will never be the same. Rest now, in God's loving embrace. We will be together again, I know. Until then, my Michael, stay with us, guide us from above. I love you, my heart, my brother, my Michael.
04.21.2001 16:15

Dear Becky,

Don't think of him as gone away~His journey's just begun. Life holds so many facets~This earth is only one...Just think of him as resting from the sorrow and the tears, in a place of warmth and comfort where there are no days and years. Think of how he must be whishing that we could know today how nothing but our saddness can really pass away. And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched. For nothing loved is ever lost~and he was loved so much.

Beck, I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am. I know that things can't be to easy on you, and that words don't give much comfort. Remember that God only gives us that which we can handle, and there is a reason to all of this chaos, even if we can't see it now. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and if you need anything don't you dare hesitate to call. What are cousins for, right. I love you, and give Mike's family my love and deepest sympathy.

Take care of you... Love, Heidi

04.21.2001 14:34
Cheryl Eveland

Dear Mike,
I don't believe any of your friends or family may know of me, but I wanted both you and them to know that you touched my life. I met you almost five years ago and you have held a special place in my heart that I know will always be there.

I will never forget my first summit onto MT. Washington from Huntington's Ravine, it forever changed my life. And I think of you and our weekend climbing together at Chapel pond when a warm fall day graces the cliffs.

I was only in your life for a breif period, yet such a short time with you changed my life so much. Thank you so much for the gifts you gave me and the wonderful memories I will forever cherish.

My only regret is not thanking you soon enough. My thoughts and prayers go out to the many people who will miss you dearly. I know you will live on in their many memories.

04.20.2001 22:46
Ed Thomas and Family

Today is only the beginning. That is how we feel about your transition. I wish you were still with us in body but I know you will always be here in spirit.

Uncle Roy, Aunt Karen, Chris, Dawn and Nana I don't know what to say other than I love you all and hope you are doing okay.

Today when Wendy called me I felt sorrow, pain, frustration, and anger, But as the day went on I realized how selfish that was of me. Michael is with Papa and Uncle Costy and I know I should feel envy.

I love you all and take care coming back east. I will see you all soon.

Love Ed, Wendy, Eden, Michael, and Mark Thomas
04.20.2001 21:32
Mary Vitale


When I heard the news today, it hit me like a brick. I had been told that you were gravely ill, but then on another level, it just didn't sink in. It was like all major life events, you know, like when you are planning something and it seems like it is just in the abstract, and then finally the day arrives, and bam it hits you. I must tell you that hearing of your loss made me see just how lucky I am to be alive today. In your memory, I will always do my best to appreciate each day no matter what kind of day it is.

Karen, Roy, Dawn, Chris and of course, Nana, you have my deepest sympathy and once again let me remind all of you that I am here for you. If you need my help in any way, I will do whatever is in my power. As I have told Dawn several times, we are put here on this earth to do for each other. What other reason can there be?

Love and prayers for you all.


04.20.2001 20:12
aunt Judy

Michael, words cannot express the loss I feel. You
will be greatly missed by Uncle Bob and myself. You
were so brave and you fought the battle.
Now is the time for you to rest.

You will be in our thoughts and prayers always.
God be with you now and forever.

Roy, Karen and family you have our deepest sympathy. We love you all !!!

Nana we love you take care of yourself. See you
all very soon. God bless you all.
04.20.2001 19:24
Uncle Bob

Mike, I sure am going to miss you. I remember when you were young, and we would sit
around and talk about the war and the police department and you would say when I grow
up I want to be like you. I hope when my time comes, that I can be as brave as you.
God took you from us today, but only in body, he will never take you from our memory
04.20.2001 18:26
Todd Goad

Although we only met a couple of times in person I want you to know that you and the valiant battle fought will be an inspiration to me in the way that I live my life forever...even if I did do the corporate sellout!
04.20.2001 18:14
Carol Williams

To my evil son,
You'll be interested to know we are still persuing the idea of contact teeth and it is going over quite nicely in the senior citizen centers; no brushing required!

On a more personal note, how do I tell you how much you have meant to all of us? All the laughs(usually at my expense), the great adventures(loosing my daughter in the middle of the woods), trying to camouflage yourself (unfair for the poor pheasants, but the face paint was great).

Once in a while someone special like you comes along, and each journey is special. You have given everyone you knew a taste and zest for life that few of us would have known. Thankyou and God bless. Love, your evil Mom
04.20.2001 16:19

Mike- you are and will always be my true hero. We are forever bound by a love that will never be taken away. See you soon babe!! Thank you! Love you forever, SPED
04.20.2001 15:08
Lisa Mari

You are just one of the people I miss, working at the hospital. I think of you, Chris, & Becky often. Today is very hard for me Mike, I know what chemo and all that radiation is like personally. I have never climbed a mountain in my life, but plan to see you on the biggest one ever in the future. I really need one of your jokes right now, they were alot cleaner than mine were! I'm giving you a huge hug in spirit right now. It feels really safe, and warm. The Pizza Bank is making me a meatball sandwich, as we speak just for you....Chris, call me and we'll go soon. Thanks for everything Michael. This day is for you, that's why I see sunshine for the first time today. God works in such funny ways..doesn't he? Love,
Lisa Mari
04.20.2001 15:04
The Daniels

Dear Family and Friends,

The Good Lord took Mike home today April 20th 2001 at 9:05 AM. He was surrounded by his loving family and friends and passed into God's arms peacefully.

Thank you all for your kind and loving words, and for sharing your memories.

Mike's spirit lives on with each of us and will forever and ever.

"Cheers to Life"
-Mike Daniel
May 8th 1962-April 20th 2001
04.20.2001 15:01
Ted Kipreos

Mike- Vicki called to tell me we've lost you. As heart-broken as we are right now, I cannot help but feel relief. You fought the battle with everything you had, but that is now over. Your pain has ended, and for that I am grateful.

We are going to miss you here. I pray for your family to be strong in this time of dispair. The silver lining is you will be in heaven. YOU HAVE WON!

Last weekend, we celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. I thought about your journey these past few months while sitting in church and it reminded me of Christ's journey to the cross. There has been happiness, sadness, pain, and a few miracles along the way. The journey is over for you, and one day, with God's blessings, we will join you in Paradise. God's Will, you know. Have a beer with my Dad. May your memory be eternal.
04.20.2001 12:30
Veronica Shaughnessy

Michael...You are an extraordinary person...too bad you haven't been in Atlanta in years!!....we always think of you. But I am sure you have gotten to experience things that are much more beautiful there...experiences you will cherish forever. You are in our hearts!!!! Love, Veronica
04.20.2001 11:34
Steve Cash

Dude... The Eugene crowd has this website now and will be zapping notes to you. It was good seeing you; I'm glad we were able to cross paths yesterday. It's been a while since we've been shooting or climbing, but we'll do it again. You're the toughest guy on the mountain -- keep it up. Love ya. Cash.
04.20.2001 09:55
Alicia Linares


Thank you for being an extraordinary friend, teacher and motivator.
In the good times and bad, you have always been a little angel
on my shoulder cheering me on. And you always will be. Thank
you for taking me on some of the greatest adventures of my life.
Who else would do the commando midnight approach into the
Adirondaks to miss the weekend rush? As I remember, we didn't
see much scenery because we went in at night, and ran out trying
to beat the canadians!
I'll see you on top of the next mountain.
Love always, Alicia
"Live your life to the fullest, for who knows what tomorrow will bring"

04.20.2001 01:19
pam kenley

Dear Mike,

It's me, Pam- the last of the moheekans...(wanted to be the first of the klan but ended up the last)The story of my life. Ha..Ha..! Saw Nana Dawn, Max and Alley off today as they left for Seattle...You don't know how I wish I could have stuffed myself in a carryon bag of theirs to be with you.
Mike, I love you... ( this is so.. hard) I know that you are giving it your all, and then some- you always have . Mike please...please do this for not only me and yourself, but the rest of our family- please let Nana ("The FOOF") Ha, and your Mom and Dad and Dawn and Chris and Max and Alley know that it's alright..God has made a plan- long ago for all of us- and he is carrying it out. No matter how unfair it may seem, there is a reason for it. We may not know the reason now, or even begin to comprehend it- eventually it will all come together and so will we. Hold our family in your strong grip and let them know- you are O.K- and we also will be. Nana wants to lay in bed with you- the way you did when you were small- Please let her know and feel it will be alright.

All our Love- Kim,Pam,Nikki,Emily & Lane

04.19.2001 23:49
Bill & Jane Foster


Although we have never met you, we feel like we know you because of the things Becky has told us about you. She is like a daughter to us & we had never seen her so happy & we know it is because of you.

Your courage & determination have been an inspiration to us & you are in our prayers daily.

May God's peace be with you, Becky, your family and your friends.

The Foster's
04.19.2001 20:48
Arlene Hendrick

Hi Mike! You are a very special person and my life is richer from knowing you. I really want to thank you for all the encouragement you gave me last fall when I was undergoing cancer treatment. It meant more to me then words can say. You know Mike, we've hung onto your shoes so you can come back to the Snake Pit (SRCI) and work. No one else can fill those shoes but you. Besides that I am waiting to work with you again. We all miss you. My prayers are with you till we get together again. Love Arlene
04.19.2001 20:45
Mary Vitale


Wow, this website is only a day old and it has 52 entries. I don't even know 52 people. Just kidding. I just wanted to say that I know you have fought and continue to fight a good fight. I admire you so much and am so sorry that you and your family are dealing with so much pain. Please know that we all care about you here in the Vitale household and will continue to pray for you.
04.19.2001 19:36
Ed Thomas

Courage and Bravery. Two words spoken by so many others who will never know their true meanings. You have spoken those two words to me in past conversations when speaking about my job and past adventures in life. As I sit here and shed what seem like endless tears I realize who is the most courageous and most brave of us all.

Michael, I have never known the courage and bravery that you have shown over the past and I can only hope to stand within your ranks. As I hold Michael Daniel and Mark Robert I look into their eyes and know that they will learn about their Uncle Mike and all he stood for in his life. The most prevalent of his traits being courage and bravery.

We are praying for you and know that you will be okay. I have loved you as a brother, a cousin and a friend. Always remember that we all love you.
See you soon. Semper Fidelis.

04.19.2001 18:21
Dan Thomas


Lisa and I wanted you to know that we are thinking of you . . . keep fighting buddy and keep that chin up because you and your whole family are eventually going to a special place.


p.s. I checked with the dealer and they have a new 911 Turbo on the lot. . . I think I will go test drive it. What do you think?
04.19.2001 15:58
Marc Fredo

Hi Mike!

My Father must be getting old, 'cause he got the movie line all wrong, but, that being my all time favorite, I do remember one scene that is so true with knowing you. "each person's life touches so many others - others you may never know."

When I came to Marist, and started running track, knowing someone a WHOLE two years older than me, made me feel accepted, important, and much more outgoing. Today, all these years later, these traits are the ones I fall back on time after time, to make up for the fact that, like my father said, I wasn't quite as smart as you!...Hey, if you can't dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with B.S.!

I spoke to your sister a little while ago, and she will be seeing you later tonight. All of my family will continue to keep you in our thoughts - stay always have been!

04.19.2001 14:27
Bill Fredo

Hi Michael. When I visited this web site for the first time today, I realized how many wonderful things you have accomplished - things that most of us can only dream of doing.

But the Mike Daniel I always think of is the towheaded little guy, who was always buzzing around the 1700-block of Elizabeth Avenue back in Metairie, Louisiana with Marc and the two Ricketts kids, Shay and Shane. Chris was too young at the time to be adding to the mischief and Dawn was, perish the thought, "just a little girl". Man, that was a long time ago - over 30 years. You and those three were always getting into something. But I do remember that you weren't in on it when your three little pals set the house up the street on fire. At least I don't think you were! But then again, you were the smartest one of the group so maybe you just took another route home and just didn't get caught like they did! Looking back on it, President Nixon probably could have sent you and "your troops" to Viet Nam back then and I'm fairly certain the bad guys would have surrendered just to get The Elizabeth Avenue Gang out of their country!

Michael, there isn't much that I can say that hasn't already been said. But there is a line from the old movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" that come to mind. It goes something like, "a rich man is someone with a lot of friends". From what I've read on this web site and from what your sweetheart of a little sister has told me, you have to be one of the richest men in the world. You are in all of the Fredo family's prayers. You're a winner today and always have been. Me and hundreds of your friends are betting you'll conquer this challenge just like you have all of the others. Keep your chin up and never, never stop punching. We love you.
04.19.2001 10:05

I will always cherish the time we had together in August in Atlanta. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I do know one thing. I will not ever fear death, because I believe that you will be there waiting for me (or my boys) when we reach heaven.

You are special - and I will do everything in my power to take care of all the cousins, as you have looked out for us up to this point. It's your turn to rest now - find peace and know that we will be okay.

We all love you. Let Jesus hold you and take away your pain. He always answers our prayers. Just tell him what you want.

All my love forever.
04.19.2001 09:49

You are our hero- me, Max, and Ally. I love you with all my heart. This world needs you. We all need you.
I will see you later today.
You are my heart,
04.19.2001 08:44

Hey Groover: You use to whistle this song when starting a new adventure.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high there's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me, where troubles melt like lemondrops away above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me.

Some where over the rainbow, blue birds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow why then oh why can't I"

I've always thought this song was beautiful and it makes me think of you.
04.19.2001 00:25
Susan Augustine

Mike, SRCI is definitely not the same without "Dr. Evil." Eric and I are both grateful that we had the opportunity to work with you and become friends. Hour plus lunches at the Mongolian grill and kickboxing just aren't the same when you're not there. You are in our prayers. May the force be with you.

04.19.2001 00:23
Randall Dennis Russell

Hello Mike,

We haven't met, but I have the pleasure of knowing Dawn, your grandmother, and your lovely niece and nephew. I lost my 23 year old son Dennis in an auto accident on November 1, 2000, and my life will never be the same. He was a good, decent boy, and loved to work out and play tennis. Dawn may have told you that I go on some adventures occasionally, and that I am about to leave for Alaska on April 20th. She has asked me to carry your St. Christopher medal with me, and I can assure you that I will keep it close, and will bring it back (or it me) safely. With your medal and my boy Dennis as the angel on my shoulder, I will surely return in "one piece". Dawn's description of your courage has inspired even those of us who do not know you. I hope to meet you, but if I cannot I know that you will meet my son. Do me a favor and watch over him. He's pretty tough, but he's still just a little boy. He will need a man to guide him, and you seem to be a man who can be trusted.
I'll see you one day on the mountain.

Randall Dennis Russell
04.19.2001 00:02
Melissa Pederson RN


There are times in our lives when we cross paths with people who are facing tremendous adversity with grace, dignity and bravery. You have displayed all of these and have touched my life as well as the other staff in Radiation Oncology. I have learned alot from you and feel very honored to have met both you and Becky, as well as your family. It's a hard lesson to learn, that bad things happen to good people and that life is not fair. I just wish I had a magic wand and could take this away.

Peace be with you...... and your loved ones
04.18.2001 22:03
Jodi and Bryan Papke

What amazing pictures Mike. This is one reason I know Becky fell in love with ADVENTURE! It's awesome to see how many people lives you have touched. We can all definately learn lessons from you Mike about life- I know I have!! Your ability to make people laugh and your competitive nature is why you have so many that love and care about you. You are the definition of a true fighter. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all you have done for my Becky. You have given her the strength to do many things (especially laugh when your in line at super market and she is buying hard boiled eggs ha ha) Thanks for touching all our lives in many different ways and for many different reasons. God bless you and your family....All our love, Jodi and Bryan Papke
04.18.2001 20:45
Alicia Shell

I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with you here at the "Good Ole Snake" (SRCI). We all made a great team working in the dental clinic and had lots of fun doing it. We all miss you and want you to come back to us (purely selfish I know). We have more than enough inmates to keep you busy and Susan, Eric, Allan, Arlene, Gary, Dr. Huffman and I wouldn't mind sharing the workload with you. I appreciate all you have shared with me; your humor, knowledge, skill and time. No question I asked appeared dumb to you and you took time to explain and teach. Thanks for attending my EMT class and participating in the EVOC. My prayers and thoughts have been with you from day one of this enormous journey you have been on. Remember, God is with you every step of the way and will guide you to where He needs you to be. Take care and know you are loved and missed by all of us (inmates excluded, Ha! Ha!) here at SRCI in Ontario, Oregon.
04.18.2001 17:32
Tim Goad

Mike ---

Lyuda and I are always thinking about you, and we wish you the best of luck. She's in Moscow as we speaking working on getting a visa, and as soon as she gets here we're making tracks to Seattle. That said, see ya then...

04.18.2001 15:48
Brian Hart

Hope all is well and that you have nothing but good fortune. Max and Ally send their love, and talk about you often. (you can see their pictures at the website: until they come and visit)
Dawn sends her love (as if she probably doesn't call frequently.)
Hope to talk with you soon in Atlanta.


04.18.2001 13:19

You are the one and only man I have ever seen bring bright, radiant light into my best friend Becky's life. I imagine if you have had that impact in her life over the last few years, the amount of other peoples' lives that you have impacted are infinite. Mike, thank you for being the amazing man that you are. Thank you for our conversations that we had when you were in colorado and for the ones when I was in Seattle last Memorial day. The times when I am able to talk with such intelligent company are few and far between. I usually don't have a whole lot to add to intellectual conversations, but it's nice to have them with you, because you never made me feel like any less of an educated person than you. By the way,, when we were in the car, and I told you and Becky of my multi-task driving (phone, makeup, road-rage), i was over exagerating. I really only do one at a time.
04.18.2001 12:44

After checking out this webpage, I realize that there are many more facets to you that I was never aware of. You've gone on some amazing expeditions--I thought I had traveled quite a bit but you just might have me beat. You are a great inspiration and I am so glad you stepped into my life. To my favorite 'axe-murderer' I have just one think left to say---Head, Pants, Now!

xoxo Wendo
04.17.2001 18:39

Dear Mike.
I didn't know for awhile that you were just an ole' Georgia boy...and now looking at these pictures and hearing of your adventures...WOW! You've gone far away from that red clay and truly lived and seen far more than most.Your courage and determination are certainly part of your being. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for you and the mountains you've climbed...You are always in our thoughts...Fondly, Jan (an ole' Georgia girl)
04.17.2001 18:06
Kelly Morrow

Dear Mike,

I really enjoyed getting to know you and Becky while you were at Evergreen. Looking at the pictures of your adventures makes me want to get out and see more of the world! Your bravery and determination are truly inspirational. I have been wondering how your new nutrition regimen has been going! Let me know if I can help out in any way.

Warm wishes,
Kelly Morrow
04.17.2001 15:48
Sandi Johnson

Mike: Thank you for all of those great talks! You are one incredible person and man! You have blessed many people with your presence and gift for living life to the fullest.

May you have peace and be blessed by your family and friends, as you have blessed them.

You are a great teacher and will live through all of those of us you have taught.

04.17.2001 15:17
Michael Hunter MD

Doctors have heroes too. Thank you Mike for being one for me. And thank you for allowing us to participate in your care over the last year.
04.17.2001 10:38
Tina, Bob and Derek Papke

Wow, Mike - looking at all these pictures and seeing some of your adventures is absolutely phenomenal. It is also incredibly touching to read other people's posts and know that they see you as we do - a courageous, noble adventurer with a tremendous amount to give. That's how we see you now during this tough time, too. You never cease to amaze me with your strong spirit, and with your loving attitude towards all who care about you. Thank you for being such a special friend to our special friend, Becky. You give everyone around you hope.

The Papkes
04.17.2001 10:34
T. Dumpster

Viva.....Las Vegas! The Black Dagger got off easy, my friend. Next time, we won't show such mercy. Just enstated a no spinach-pasta, lycra, or organic meat replacement products by-law in the EMR rulebook.....thought you'd be pleased!
Travel well!
04.17.2001 09:52
sara collins

Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved. -Victor Hugo,
poet, novelist, and dramatist (1802-1885)

You are loved by all your friends and family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs!

Love, Sara

04.17.2001 09:00

Peace my friend.
04.16.2001 13:53
Brandon Ditto

Mike Daniel:
World Class Mountaineer, Leader, Hilarious Bastard, Sniper, Friend.

Your strength is awe-inspiring and your experiences are the envy of us all. I am so grateful for our friendship.

Give me a call. Let's go shooting.
04.11.2001 11:10
Tiffany Johnson


When I first met Jimmy, he always talked about his best friend Mike from Rochester. I never thought I would meet you, until we just happen to come to Seattle for 2 weeks and you came up from Oregon. There was about 10 of us who went sea kajaking in the San Juan's. We camped at some strange campground, I think we stayed in a Tepee. It was in the middle of the night and everyone was sound asleep. Suddenly out of nowhere, you sat upright in your sleeping bag and shout and I mean shout, "Go, Go, Go. Run, Run, Run. Get out of here." The next morning, you had absolutely no recognition of saying or doing anything. We continue to get laughs out of that story.

Over the past year, your attitude and perserverance have really showed to me that you are a hell of a tough guy and a fighter. You always care enough to ask other people how they are feeling even when you are not feeling your best.

Words cannot express how much I respect you and not only how much you have accomplished in your career and on mountain tops, but what you have gone through. I have such a profound level of admiration for your courage, bravery and charisma. Thank you for coming into my life!

Climb the moutains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees. Then winds will blow their freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.-John Muir

All of my love,

04.11.2001 10:58
David Shadle

While we have only known each other for a short time I can not think of any other person that has the ability to change the mood of a room simply by his presence. The way you take interest in any subject and then wrap others in the detail. I am inspired by the stories of past adventures and will think of you always when looking up at a mountain. We have shared some great times, my only wish is that we could have reached a summit together.

Over the past year, your strength, determination and courage has been amazing to witness in the face of such adversity. I have learned a lot about life by watching you fight for yours. I will always be greatful for crossing your path, You are indeed one of a kind.

"You have only failed if you have failed to try"

Thank you,

"yeah, that'z all good..."

04.11.2001 10:47
Steve Orchard


Over the past few year's of parties, get togethers,
and events, I cannot think of a time where you did not bring life and laughter to the group. Your good nature, intelligence, humor, knowledge of things that go boom
04.11.2001 01:18
Vil and Tami


Over the last five years I have not been fortunate enough to join you on any of your climbing expeditions, but the times we have spent together have been more than memorable. I will never forget kayaking in the San Juan Islands, climbing at Index and Exit 38, snowmobiling on Stampede Pass, Jimmy's bachelor party at Docs and Stars in OR, and parties among all of us here in Seattle. Tami and I have loved every minute we have spent with you. To this day, you always bring life and great times to every room you enter. You have inspired both of us with your drive and inspiration to always live every single day to it's fullest. We often think of you when our careers get in the way and hold back our adventurous spirit. Your life should be a model for us all. Friends are more valuable than gold. Experiences we have had together can never be taken away and we will cherish those memories forever.


Tami and Vil

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. But the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

04.10.2001 22:18
Jimmy Johnson

"It is an uncommonly beautiful peak, standing clear of its neighbors and head and shoulders above them, its flanks mantled in magnificent glaciers that flow to the ocean. Its highest portion swings alot in graceful cures from broad, white shoulders, but below these its slopes are formidable"

-Allen Carpe upon first seeing Mt. Fairweather in 1931

I could only stand in awe of the amazing expedition and fantastic accomplishment you experienced in 1992. I will always look at the day you came back as the day that unlocked the possibilities!

Mike, thank you for being my best friend and partner for more than a decade. We were meant to climb together from the start and will climb together again in this life and the next.

Without your inspiration, I would have let the barriers of my mind block the pursuit of my dreams. Denali would have been only a picture on my wall and not somewhere I will be stepping onto its slopes in less than a month. On the expedition that was your creation, I will have as my companion, your unfailing strength, courage and iron will.

Words will never describe my admiration, respect and love for you as a friend, but it is without words that our bond is so strong.

You have climbed a mountain higher than any on earth and God will reward you in his own way in this Life and the Next.

Then here let you rest in the lap of Scaur Donald, The wind for your watcher, the mist for your schroud, Where the green and the gray moss will weave their wild tartan
A covering meet for a chieftain so proud
For free as an eagle, these rocks are your eyrie, and free as an eagle your spirit shall soar, O'er the crags and the corries that erst knew the footfall

-a Scottish Ballad-unkown

04.07.2001 08:41
Stu Milligan

E-Mail Homepage
The RRISCCers here in Rochester miss having you around here! With fine Peruvian thoughts in and around Huaraz, as it was in 1995,


04.06.2001 23:42
Matthew Klepfer

I to little. My Daddy likes you. Good Luck Too!

Love, Matthew
04.06.2001 23:17
Jonathan Klepfer

Mr. Mike:

We met once. Your were big. Good Luck!

Jonathan Klepfer
04.06.2001 22:52


Definition of Partner: Associate, Spouse, Join; all meaning two people sharing space on this Earth at the same time and enjoying it!

You have been and always will be my "Climbing Partner".

You will be going on a journey without me but, you will always be with me on my journey … Thank You!


04.05.2001 18:12

Die Well.
Ancient Klingon Greeting

God Hates Me.
Hate him Back, It Works for Me
Lethal Weapon

Death is like a poodle
Just made it up. Pretty good, huh...


First of all, thanks for being one MORE person to
beat me at something.

Chris and I have been friends for some 15 years. He
has spoken of you often, and the Equador
experience was unquestionably a defining personal
event in his life. Much like losing his virginity will be,
and getting his first set of bifocals was last year.

I don\'t know what it takes for you to win this race,
but be assured that the Carps are channelling their
strength and spirits to you. The best I can wish you
is to be at peace with yourself; that\'s what matters

My spirit is with you.
04.05.2001 15:38

Die Well.
Ancient Klingon Greeting

God Hates Me.
Hate him Back, It Works for Me
Lethal Weapon

Death is like a poodle
Just made it up. Pretty good, huh...


First of all, thanks for being one MORE person to beat me at something.

Chris and I have been friends for some 15 years. He has spoken of you often, and the Equador experience was unquestionably a defining personal event in his life. Much like losing his virginity will be, and getting his first set of bifocals was last year.

I don't know what it takes for you to win this race, but be assured that the Carps are channelling their strength and spirits to you. The best I can wish you is to be at peace with yourself; that's what matters most.

My spirit is with you.
04.01.2001 10:01
Roman Kamola

Mike, I have no insights into the powers of internalistic healing to share with you, no directions about what you are moving into or where you are going. I wish I did. One thing I can tell you is that there is absolutely no doubt that the Mike Daniel in my mind is cool and able to handle whatever comes. Roman.
03.30.2001 15:18


The vitality that shows in every image of you here at this page makes
it clear that you have plenty of life and courage in you! I wish you
every form of peace, courage, revelation and fight that's possible.

With hope and prayers,
03.26.2001 18:23
Lisa Roberts


Although I don't know you, my heart goes out to you. Let each of these messages represent a step on this hard journey. May you draw upon the strength and support of friends like Chris on your journey back to complete health.

Lisa Roberts
03.26.2001 14:44
Jan and Scott Kozlowski

Hello Mike!

We are friends of Chris Williams and knew that you went hiking in Ecudor with him! We are sending all good thoughts to you. Keep fighting and look forward to that next great climb.

You are in our thoughts and prayers!

All the best,
Jan & Scott Kozlowski
03.26.2001 00:31
Brittany Gilman

I don't know you, but I would love to. You sound like such an amazing person. We don't know why things in life happen, they just do. And all that we can do it to trust it. As hard as it may seem. One of my best friends has just been diagnosed with cancer, and and when I found out, it was the hardest thing for me to believe. We don't know why these things happen to such good people, and I only wish that I could do something about it. But even though I don't know you, I believe that you can fight this. You can beat it. I believe in you. Just know that I'll be praying for you. Mike, you got this.
Brittany Gilman
03.24.2001 12:01
Ken Grimm


Hi, I am a friend of Chris Williams and learned all about you expedition to Ecuador and watched the e-mails while you guys were there. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences. I ask you to consider not putting a limitation on yourself with respect to your health condition. I have a doctor whose partner was very ill with throat cancer and wrote a letter to his patience apologizing for not being in the office to help them. When I read the letter, he left a clear impression he would become well and back to work soon. His plan was successful and he gave a lot of credit to his patients for pulling for his recover but he made it happen with his unshakable faith and will to heal. Mike, I ask you to consider one thing. Please internalize your intent to recover. Your healing will come from the inside of your being not from outside sources. I am qualified to make this statement since my father passed away from lung cancer after 60 chemo sessions and numerous radiation treatments. My sister and I coached my dad to believe in himself from the inside, that he was deserving and worthy to balance himself back to health. He never gave himself any credit. It was always what we were doing or what his doctors were doing to help him. I am saying combine the best medical advice and treatment with your own conviction and will to live. I wish you the best and
visualize you back at it on your next adventure with Chris soon!

Ken Grimm
03.23.2001 15:21
Dana Joseph

Dear Mike,
I don't know you, but right now one of my best friends is fighting cancer, so I feel for you as I feel for her. You are in my prayers, and I sincerely hope you will be restored to perfect health. May this long, hard climb be over soon, and may you let the wisdom you gain from this tough haul inspire the rest of your life and propel you to the top of the many magnificent mountains you have yet to climb. God bless you and may the Lord Jesus heal every cell in your body. -- Dana
03.23.2001 14:53
Gillian Burriack

Fill your life with good company, for there are people who will joyfully greet the person you are becoming.

The earth becomes heaven when you release your fear.

-Stephen Paul

Mike - we reflect in our friends, as evident with Chris' efforts with this website.
Forget not that we are always teachers - our areas of expertise forever expanding.


03.23.2001 14:11

03.23.2001 12:09

03.23.2001 11:38
Patty Crowley

Hi Mike:
We have not met, I am a friend of Chris's and have heard many nice things about you. This is a favorite quote, "You cannot control the world outside, but you can choose what you will bring into yourself". I will keep your name in my dailey affirmation's.
03.23.2001 11:04
Jill Hurst

E-Mail Homepage

Know that people are praying for you and walking with and everyday. You have touched many lives, both in person and now online, and we are all better for it.

03.23.2001 10:09
Keith Karn

Mike - You have a good friend in Chris and from the look of this web page you have lots of support. We are all with you in this, your toughest climb.
Keith Karn
03.23.2001 09:50
Ron Araya

Even though we've never meet, I know that each and every one of us will carry a piece of your love for the mountains on each and every one of our forthcoming adventures.
Looking at this site inspires me to keep on going, no matter what life might bring.
Mike on behalf of every climber in Costa Rica, you are in our prayers.

03.23.2001 09:50
Kevin Flynn

Hi Mike,

Although we've never met, you're in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you happy trails on every path you set foot.


Kevin Flynn
03.21.2001 23:18
Little Ian

And you thought it would no lomger run...
You told me that your old VW van died, and tou abandoned it on the road somewhere in Rochester. I've seen it since though, in the parking lot of Dan's Import Service in Walworth, NY, many months (or years!) later. I don't know how or why it was there, but I know it was yours. Remenber that Mt Fairweather Stencil for the drop buckets?!? It was still on the side.

-Ian Komorowski

03.21.2001 11:06
Patrice Thibodeau

Hi Mike! Gosh it sure has been a while since our rooming days together!! I ended up moving out of the Castleman house in '97 and bought a home in Webster where Frank and I opened a practice. We were there for about three years. Frank moved to Seattle to be able to Kayak more, I suppose, and I finally made the move to Maine. Boy does it ever feel good to be home!! I just love it out here. I am sure having four months off before I start the three jobs I have here has helped with this positive attitude. Work starts in 2 weeks. I must admit that I have not been climbing much at all, although I still have the gear and have not yet given it totally up. I last climbed about two years ago in Canada with my friend Mike from Boston. I must agree with Bruce that it was more the company that I climbed with that kept me going than the actual desire to master those rocks. Take care Mike. PS I went to take a look at the ole Castleman abode just before I left and you would not believe how nice it looks. They put on new garage doors and redid the siding. I guess they were just waiting for me to move out before upgrading the aesthetics and I am sure the rent!! Patrice
03.19.2001 18:02
John Featherstone

Hi Mike, I am still using mountain photos in my lectures. A few more students have joined the ranks since you did. This old fart is not climbing so much now, although I did a trip to Rainier a year ago. Kaz and I get together in Washington once a year and try and struggle up a couple of things. Still skiing hard. Was at our place at Squaw Valley this last weekend for two great days of spring skiing. Thought of you too and the last visit you made there with us. The trailer hitch has been put to good use. Mostly towing a trailer filled with dirt bikes! Life has its challenges, its triumphs, its trials, its surprises, its disappointments. We never know what will come up next. I can still crash off a mountain bike with the best of them. No broken bones though! Not like someone else who could not even bike along the flat without breaking a bone. For me, just some healthy bruises every year. Keep smiling. John
03.19.2001 14:50
Mark Vanderstouw

Thanks for taking time climb with me when I
was starting out. There are quite a few trips that I
will never forget. such as...

-crusing back from canada in your porsche.
-the time you punched through the ice on the
back side of pitchoff and when we got back
to the car i slammed your fingers in the door.
You calmly repeated "please open the door"
-stopping at the animal safari in canada when
it was too hot to climb and i had a broken arm.

it was alwas an adventure!
03.19.2001 14:06
Bruce Rice

From the humble beginnings practicing off a dusty train bridge
in Rush NY, to the edges of the world. You clearly dream a
lot bigger than most of us do. But despite my fairly shallow
accomplishments, I did learn along the way that climbing is as
much about the people we chose to climb with, as it is the places
we travel to climb. That, and having Karl around to sell me his used
gear are what fueled me anyhow. Who can resist a bargain? Come
to think of it, I haven't climbed much since you, John and Karl
moved away, so maybe it was that gear connection afterall.
03.19.2001 13:34
Stu Milligan

E-Mail Homepage
The RRISCCers here in Rochester miss having you around here! With fine Peruvian thoughts in and around Juaraz, as it was in 1995,


03.19.2001 12:00
Chris Williams


I'll fly with you anytime "Maverick". See you soon to climb again.