Internet Application Development

Google Maps/Earth Development
Escape Radius can develop customized web based Google Map applications and Google Earth visualizations for most any need. From creating custom Google Map icons to geo-locating your real-world data on Google Earth, our GIS consultants can tailor a mapping solution based on your requirements and budget.

Web Site Design
Escape Radius can design and implement a complete web site that contains just static pages or one that incorporates other resources such as databases, e-commerce transaction processing or Content Management Systems. We can also develop software interfaces that enable you to manage your own on-line content.

Besides technical construction we also offer the following creative services:

Website Design

Database Analysis & Design
Integrating web site pages and Java applications with databases is becoming an increasingly common practice. Database integration allows many tasks, such as dynamic page generation or data collection, to be automated and linked to other business applications. If required we can also design software interfaces to connect your in-house database systems with others, at remote locations.

Our skills in this area include:

Digital Photography and Video Production

Escape Radius provides a full range of photography and video production services for businesses, organizations and individuals. For more information on our services please visit our affiliate site, for all your digital photography needs.